The Best Blink-And-You’ll Miss-It Moments Of Sex Education‘s Even Wilder Sex Play

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Funny, bizarre spoilers ahead for Sex Education season 2 finale, “Chapter 8.”
When you first see the poster for Moordale High’s Romeo and Juliet: The Musical in Sex Education season 2’s finale, “Chapter 8,” you probably assume you know what to expect. Eric Effoing's (Ncuti Gatwa) multiple jokes about the image give us our best tease of what is to come, as he asks, “Don’t you think it looks like they’re in a forest full of dicks?” To make matters all the more thirsty, that poster’s genitalia-like woodlands surround a smooching couple who appear to be a sexed-up version of beastiality tale Beauty and The Beast
It is obvious Romeo and Juliet: The Musical — an art piece created by Lily Iglehart (Tanya Reynolds), a teen both obsessed with and terrified by sex — is going to be inescapably raunchy. Then you actually see the finished project and realize you couldn’t have ever dreamed up something quite so beautiful, lusty, and unapologetically odd. 
Lily’s Romeo and Juliet is a cornucopia of teen horniness, the likes of which Netflix has never witnessed. Considering just how quickly the play's many vignettes fly by on your screen, it’s time we shout out the very best moments you can’t miss, down to the exact second you can find them. 

Lily’s announcement

Minute: 37:43 
Lily tells her audience what to expect before they even sit down. If you have the subtitles on during “Chapter 8,” you’ll realize Lily plays a pre-recorded announcement prior to the start of Romeo and Juliet. She tells viewers in a slightly robotic voice, “Prepare for your erotic voyage to the planet of Verona.” 
The echos of moaning can be heard soon after the declaration. 

The vulva entrance

Minute: 43:38
The stars of Romeo and Juliet don’t simply wander into the Shakespearean-but-sexier proceedings. No, they make their grand entrance through a massive opening in center stage that is designed in the shape of a vulva. While the vulva walkway can be spotted from the moment the musical begins, we first see someone use it to great effect during Mercutio’s introduction. 

The “Dick Hands” 

Minute: 44:30 
Sex Education makes sure we notice the dancers with penis-hand adornments running through the musical’s crowd (the terrified giggle that emanates from Jackson’s mom over them is unshakeable). But, you may not realize the on-stage performers — “I need it harder! Slide it in deeper!” — are also sporting the phallic appendages. 

The lyrics

Minute: 47:31
“His love is tender but his prick is so damn hard,” sung by “Irish Meryl Streep” Florence, is a line that will go down in infamy. 

The “vagina hats” 

Minute: 49:33
It is impossible to ignore the intricately created vulva-shaped hats that are worn by dancers in the final Romeo and Juliet musical number (“That’s my vagina!” one performer screams backstage). But, there is so much drama unfolding during the set piece that you may not be able to notice that the vulvas come in all different shapes, sizes, and lengths. It's a thoughtful representation of real women's bodies everywhere, including at Moordale itself.
There are even a few solo clitorises on stage.

The entire school was outfitted to look like a vagina

Minute: 51:07
Hence the never-ending dark pink (Pynk?) halls now running through Moordale. Only Lily Iglehart.
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