Kristin Cavallari Says Jay Cutler Cheating Rumors Caused Her Best Friend Breakup

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Rumors that her husband, Jay Cutler, was cheating on her with pal Kelly Henderson caused a rift in their friendship, Kristin Cavallari explained during the season 3 premiere of her E! series Thursday. 
Very Cavallari documents the former Hills star’s personal and work life in Nashville. Henderson, a stylist and the founder of website Velvet’s Edge, is one of Cavallari’s best friends and a cast member on the series.
In the season 3 premiere, Cavallari alleged that there were social media-fueled rumors about Henderson and Cutler having a relationship behind Cavallari’s back. While she never believed the rumors that Cutler was cheating on her with Henderson “for a second,” she didn’t like how Henderson allegedly “added fuel the fire.” 
On the latest episode of her reality series, Cavallari told friends Stephanie "Biegs" Biegel and Justin Anderson that she was unhappy with how Henderson would continue to mention Cutler on social media. Cavallari claimed that Henderson wanted to post about the gossip, which Cavallari was adamantly against. 
"Why do you want to post about that? To get more attention about it," Cavallari explained to Biegel and Anderson. "If I was accused of having an affair with your husband, I wouldn't say his fucking name on social media.”
Apparently, Henderson wasn’t very willing to hear Cavallari’s side of things. 
“Instead of her just owning her side of it and being like, 'I'm sorry! Oh my god, that was never my intention' or whatever, she kept giving me push back and would get really defensive," Cavallari told her friends. "And then, she literally just stopped responding to me."
Cavallari admitted that she may be sensitive to such issues given her time on The Hills and its predecessor, Laguna Beach. The reality star has been open in the past about how both shows caused real-life drama for her off camera
Cavallari and Henderson may be at odds now, but fortunately they have an entire season of Very Cavallari to work out their issues. A promo for the reality show from December teases there's more drama to come.
Refinery29 has reached out to Cavallari and Henderson for comment.

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