Wait, Can Kim Really Fire Kourtney From Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

After an explosive fight with her sisters on Keeping Up With the Kardashians over Kourtney Kardashian’s preference for more privacy from the E! TV show cameras, sisters Kim and Khloé suggested that Kourtney should perhaps be removed from the show entirely if she won’t play ball. 
“We have a proposal for you: It starts with an F and ends with a D,” Kim told Kourtney on KUWTK, after reviewing audience feedback that suggests Kourtney should be more open with her life, like some of her other siblings. 
Khloé suggested momager Kris Jenner intervene, for the sake of the show. 
“As our manager, you should want this show to be successful, you should talk to Kourtney say, ‘Okay, Kourtney, if you’re not willing to bring anything to the table, then you’re done,’” Khloé suggested to her mom. 
The question now is: Can the sisters fire Kourtney, if Kourtney doesn’t want to leave the series? Not really, according to a source for People, who claims that Kim, Khloé and Kourtney are technically equals when it comes to a say on Keeping Up With the Kardashians
“Kim, Kourtney and Khloé have equal contracts and equal responsibilities,” a source told People of the conflict. “Kim and Khloé both feel they are being very honest and share things on the show that makes them feel vulnerable. It really bugs them that Kourtney plays by other rules.”
Though an insider also told People that Kim and Kourtney specifically often have “issues,” Kim doesn’t have the power to fire her, even though Kim is “influential” over the Kardashian empire. 
A firing may not be necessary. Kourtney told Entertainment Tonight that she wants to take a step back from the show in order to focus on being a mom and other opportunities. It makes sense: Kourtney recently launched lifestyle site Poosh, one of her biggest solo career achievements.  

If the ultimate answer is for Kourtney to contractually be allowed to work less on KUWTK, that could be a win-win for everyone. Still, it wouldn’t be KUWTK without some bickering between the siblings — so if Kourtney is out, Kim better find another sister to squabble with.
Refinery29 reached out to E! for comment.

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