New Taco Bell Merch To Gift The Cheesy Gordita Crunch Fan In Your Life

Some families gift each other matching pajamas on Christmas Eve so that on Christmas Day, they all wake up in uniform, ready to sip cocoa and exchange presents. And some families are born out of Taco Bell weddings, Taco Bell hotel honeymoons, and Taco Bell births (okay, we’re joking about that last one... for now). For the families that identify with both these statements, we have some great news.
Today, Taco Bell updated its online store to feature its 2019 Holiday Collection, which has new onesies, sweatshirts, ornaments, and more, each representing the taco restaurant you know and love. Your Taco Bell family will now have everything it needs to display its undying loyalty to the champion of the Cool Ranch Dorito. 
This collection has everything: Greeting cards, tumblers, mugs, travel mugs, lunch bags, and pins. The wearables and cozies abound with an unending selection of blankets, T-shirts, zip-ups, and more hoodies, and sweatshirts. Here is just a peep of what lies in store.