Selena Gomez Dropped A New Music Video — & It Was Shot Entirely On An iPhone

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Osborn.
Selena Gomez has broken the internet. Her new breakup anthem "Lose You To Love Me" is sending fans into full sleuth mode as they attempt to untangle the meaning behind her heartbreak-centric lyrics. (Selena, blink once if "In two months, you replaced us/Like it was easy" is in reference to Justin and Hailey Bieber.) But there's another interesting facet of this song drop: its music video was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro.
Directed by Sophie Muller, the music video represents a new frontier in mainstream video production. And while DSLRs and REDs are certainly not going anywhere, tools like the iPhone 11 Pro, with its ultra wide, wide, and telephoto lenses, are making it easier than ever to achieve professional-grade video with just the device in your pocket — even in instances where budget isn't a consideration, like in the case of "Lose You To Love Me."
If we didn't know it was shot on an iPhone, we never would have guessed it. The contrast and dimension in the video are seriously impressive, especially for black and white (I mean, that hair! The stuff of Pantene ads!). And, it holds focus even in tracking shots — likely made possible by the 11 Pro's Auto Focus lock feature. The other tools at play are the iPhone 11 Pro's ability to record in 4K video up to 60 frames per second, which is the highest quality video ever made possible by a smartphone, as well as a new telephoto lens that can capture 40 percent more light than previous iPhone cameras. With the iPhone 11 Pro, you can also toggle seamlessly between the three lenses while recording video, use QuickTake to start recording straight from photo-capturing by just holding down the shutter button, and shoot selfie videos using the front camera with 4K video at up to 60 fps as well.
Perhaps the most famous use of the iPhone in filmmaking is Tangerine, directed by Sean Baker in 2015 and shot entirely on iPhone 5s, but more and more directors, like Olivia Wilde and Steven Soderbergh, are jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. And now that we've arrived at an iPhone model essentially designed with video creators in mind, there are sure to be a lot more director converts to come.
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