A Comprehensive Guide To Cardi B’s Tattoos

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
There are a few trademarks that belong to Cardi B and Cardi B alone: her signature "owww" and "okurrrr," the glittery nails we could spot from a mile away, and, of course, her unique tattoo collection. Unlike the dainty, fine-line tattoos that have become popular among Hollywood A-listers, Cardi's ink is the opposite: bold, colorful, and large — just like her personality.
In total, the rapper has about eight pieces of ink (that is, those are the ones we can see). Some of her most noticeable pieces are often spotted when she performs onstage in bodysuits and leotards, but others are harder to hunt down. In honor of the 27-year-old's birthday, we rounded up all of her badass ink ahead.

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