Why Is Montana Kissing The Night Stalker On American Horror Story: 1984?

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On American Horror Story: 1984’s Wednesday episode “Slashdance,” pretty much all the recruits of Camp Redwood proved they weren't who they claimed to be. “Rita” (Angelica Ross) isn’t really the camp nurse, or even named Rita — instead, she’s a psychologist with a dark agenda. Ray (DeRon Horton) is a former frat bro who accidentally killed one of his pledges, then covered it up to save his skin. However, the person who really surprised us with her sinister nature is none other than aerobics queen Montana (Billie Lourd) who, in the final moments of the episode, was seen making out with Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker (Zach Villa). Worse yet? She seems to want someone — likely Emma Roberts’ potential final girl Brooke — dead. 
The question now is why. As far as we knew, Montana was the comic relief of a bloody season. She also seemed to be the only person in Brooke’s corner, allowing Brooke to cry on her shoulder after the new counselor confessed how her jealous husband-to-be murdered half her wedding party at the altar, before turning a gun on himself. 
It could be Brooke’s past that makes Montana want her dead. When Brooke told her traumatic wedding tale to Montana, Brooke noted that her husband assumed she was sleeping with his friend, hence all the bloodshed. Montana quickly assumed that Brooke was indeed hooking up with one of the groomsmen, and didn't seem all that convinced when Brooke insisted she would “never” do such a thing.
A running theme of 1984 is people being punished for promiscuity. Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) murdered a bunch of campers who were getting it on in their bunk beds. Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman), the camp owner, makes it clear that she won’t tolerate any “sinning” on her watch. Even Rita claims that pornography is the reason for so much murder in the world. 
Maybe Montana is also attempting to punish Brooke for perceived “bad” behavior. It’s possible that Montana had a connection to Brooke’s husband, or one of the people Brooke’s husband killed the day of their wedding. If Montana believed that Brooke was responsible for the death of someone Montana loved when Brooke cheated on her husband, she may have teamed up with the Night Stalker in order to punish Brooke permanently. 
It’s also possible that Montana was the reason that the Night Stalker descended upon Brooke in the first place. At the aerobics studio where Brooke and Montana first meet, the group talked about the Night Stalker killings. Brooke perked up and said that there are more murders in the summer because people sleep with their windows open. Maybe this is where Montana got the idea to find Ramirez his next victim in Brooke.

How Montana met Ramirez is still a question — as are about a million other things on American Horror Story’s latest season. Whether Brooke will survive this season now that her “friend” Montana wants her dead, though, will certainly be one keeping us guessing.

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