Friends’ Halloween Costumes, From Best To…What Is That?

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of Friends’ premiere, and also the first day of fall — so really, there’s no better time than now to revisit one of the sitcom’s most iconic and autumnal episodes, especially if you’re still looking for that perfect Halloween costume and in need of a little inspo. For reasons still unknown by the Friends hive, “The One With The Halloween Party” was the show’s only real Halloween-centric episode, which is a shame. (Imagine if we got as many Phoebe Buffay costumes as we got Friendsgivings?) But the costumes we did get were definitely worth the eight-season wait. 
If you’re interested in dressing like one of the characters this October, there are some great options out there, but if you’re thinking of going a bit meta — or just reliving Monica and Chandler’s costume party — here are the best and the worst of the friends’ Halloween looks.

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