Tayshia & JPJ Didn’t Get Engaged On Bachelor In Paradise But They Got Real Cute

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The road of love on Bachelor In Paradise can be a rocky one and boy oh boy did Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones hit every bump in season 6. But, hey — finding your truest love and partner is never easy, especially on reality television — so they had to go through their journey. But at least Tayshia and John Paul Jones got back together on Bachelor In Paradise, right? 
A little refresher if you had to put the TV on mute a lot this season so as to not hear to too much of the “Blake Horstmann has hooked up with everyone” drama — you might have missed some things. Tayshia and John Paul Jones had a little love triangle of their own with Derek Peth, where John Paul Jones yelled at Derek not to insult his intelligence. It was a lot.
Derek swung and missed with Demi Burnett and swung and missed with Tayshia, and then he bailed, leaving John Paul Jones and Tayshia to become Bachelor In Paradise’s most unlikely couple. It was actually pretty nice to watch the two of them together because they definitely got to know each other better without the intense pressure of a love triangle or other drama getting in the way. John Paul Jones even took Tayshia to "prom" (if only every prom was like JPJ's on Bachelor In Paradise).
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Which brings us to the present day. John Paul Jones and Tayshia didn’t make it out of Paradise together (your eyes didn't deceive you), because there were just too many doubts there between the two of them to keep going. Their split was hard to watch, and Tayshia even confirmed on the official Bachelor podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour With Rachel & Ali, that she was single when filming wrapped. Cut to now, and John Paul Jones and Tayshia are sitting pretty and sitting pretty together. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're the cutest or whatever, but how did we even get here?
On the Bachelor In Paradise reunion, Tayshia laid it all out for us, admitting that she did make a mistake when she opted to say goodbye to our tow-headed Lothario, JPJ. "When he told me he loved me, those are words that I don't throw around lightly. I wasn't ready for that," Tayshia told Chris Harrison about their split. But she got home and talked with her mom, Tayshia said she knew she needed to go after JPJ. She made a mistake! So she flew to Maryland, to JPJ's hometown, to ask for him back. "I did not know what he would say! What if he slammed the door in my face," she said. It's a good question, but that's definitely not what happened.
When I say that John Paul Jones was the cutest person I've ever seen on Bachelor In Paradise, I mean it — because not only was he shocked that Tayshia was on his doorstep, he was delighted! And he asked Tayshia to be his girlfriend! And she said yes! Is everyone melting? Because everyone watching in the audience was absolutely losing their collective you-know-what. But wait — it gets better. At the reunion, when JPJ and Tayshia were talking about their happiness together, JPJ faked out the audience by getting down on one knee and reading out some Shakespeare (Hamlet, actually) to confess his love for her. This is the best Paradise couple of all time. Don't @ me.
So what's next for Tayshia and John Paul Jones? They're taking things one day at a time (again, they did not get engaged), and so far, it's definitely working for them.

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