This Horror Movie Is Midsommar Meets The Handmaid's Tale

Photo: Courtesy of IMDb.
What does the latest installment of Blumhouse and Hulu's movie anthology series Into the Dark have in common with Ari Aster's brightly-lit horror flick Midsommar? Torture, major cult vibes, and (obviously) flower crowns. However, the themes of control over women's bodies may also put it in line with The Handmaid's Tale.
The September installment of Into the Dark tackles the purity movement by placing the horror at a camp where daughters to pledge their virginity to their fathers. If that sounds weird and uncomfortable, it's also a very real thing. Many women have lamented being part of the purity movement, saying it caused them to feel long-lasting shame about their bodies and sexuality. The new trailer for Into the Dark: Pure, however, puts a horrific spin on a movement that is already problematic. Among the white ethereal dresses and summer daze is an underlying threat of something darker. What's that black liquid spilling from Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter's mouth? Why is that teenager screaming in a cage?
According to the description in the press release, there's a supernatural presence haunting this camp. The teens pledging to stay pure perform a secret ritual that goes terribly wrong and unleashes a demonic force. But should the young women be more worried about the demon stalking the camp, or the pressure to live up to their father's expectations? If that's even a question, we assure you: it's the latter.
Pure is another film in the Into the Dark series that tackles social issues through the lens of horror. Most recently, Culture Shock explored the border crisis and what it means to live the American dream. New Year New You held an ugly mirror up to influencer culture.
Into the Dark: Pure is directed by Hannah Macpherson, who also wrote the teleplay from a story she wrote with Paul Fischer & Paul Davis. She's one of several women directing installments of Into the Dark, including Sophia Takal (January's New Year, New You), Chelsea Stardust (All That We Destroy), and Gigi Saul Guerrero (Culture Shock).
Check out the trailer below. Into the Dark: Pure drops on Hulu September 6.

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