Christina Milian & Adam Demos' Chemistry In Falling Inn Love Is So Real, It Comes Through In This Interview

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There's a moment in the new Netflix rom-com Falling Inn Love where it's not exactly obvious whether its stars, Christina Milian and Adam Demos, are actually acting.
Their characters, Gabriela and Jake, are driving on a strikingly gorgeous New Zealand road and singing to "Da' Dip" by Freak Nasty with unabashed goofiness. As an onlooker, it seems like Milian and Demos, an Australian newcomer and inevitable star, are having as much of a blast as their characters are.
When I spoke to Milian and Demos about Falling Inn Love that suspicion was confirmed. The stars have natural chemistry, finishing sentences for one another and peppering their conversation with laughter. In fact, their dynamic is what elevates Falling Inn Love from a run-of-the-mill rom-com to an undeniable delight.
Falling Inn Love begins with two break-ups. Within a day, Gabriela dumps her commitment-phobe boyfriend and loses her job at a sustainable tech firm. Unmoored from monogamy and the capitalist rat race, Gabriela enters a shady contest to win an inn in New Zealand. She gets the inn, but it's in shambles. Jake, a local contractor (and fireman), helps with the renovation. They build a house and a romance. Cue the "awwws."
We spoke to Milian and Demos about "falling in love" with New Zealand, abundant goats, and what they think comes next for Gabriela and Jake.
Refinery29: Rom coms are having a bit of a Renaissance. What made you want to be a part of this one in particular?
Adam Demos: "I love the story. It’s nice to be apart of something that’s going to make people feel good, give them hope and a nice bit of inspiration. Also to work with Christina and our director, Roger Kumble." [Ed Note: Kumble directed Cruel Intentions and The Sweetest Thing, among many other films.]
Christina Milian: "I have to say the same thing. It was a feel good script when I read it. There were so many funny moments that I found myself giggling out loud. It didn’t feel like a sappy rom com. Whenever you want more goat, it pops up out of nowhere. The goat is going to be the biggest star. I’m waiting to see the goat on the thunder, not us."
What was your favorite scene to shoot?
Demos: "Mine was when we were swimming at sunset. We could barely see the crew. You look around, and two of us are swimming in NZ on this basically deserted beach. I was employed, but it felt like I’m on the greatest holiday of all time."
Milan: "You just took all the words out of my mouth. We had so many moments of, 'Can you believe this is our job?' One of my other favorite scenes was just singing in the car. That whole thing was really goofy. It’s exactly how that scene went. Like, Oh this is corny! I didn’t work on it yet, either. Next thing you know, it just grew on us."
Demos: "Once someone starts goofing around, the other feels like they’re allowed to. You just can’t stop it."
Adam, were you intimidated to sing in front of Christina, who’s a professional singer?
Adam: "Yeah, obviously! I just had to go with it and make a fool out of myself. It was the only way forward."
Christina: "He would randomly play [my song] ‘AM to PM’ out of nowhere and just stare at me, like it was a normal thing. Luckily he was the one who got the job of driving as well as the dancing. I don’t know that I could multitask as well as he could."
Adam, before you became an actor you used to work in construction. How did Falling Inn Love compare to those old days?
Demos: "Filming is the opposite of being in construction. You have all the luxuries!"
Milian: "He’d say that all the time, too, when he’d have to do the same stuff in a scene that he’d normally have to do in real life."
Demos: "It’s quite bizarre. When I started construction, I used to dream about being an actor. Then all these years later, I’m on set acting, pretending to do construction and I don’t actually have to do it. It’s a 'pinch yourself' moment. I feel extremely grateful – and grateful I have the construction background, because gives you that good work ethic."
Was the inn actually renovated over the course of the movie?
Demos: "Yeah, it was the one house. When we were finished for the day, they’d have the set deck come in and the next day it would be partly renovated. These guys were working so hard. We’d turn up the next day and it would be a new house."
Milian: "When I worked in there, I felt really dirty."
Demos: "It was gross!"
Milian: "It was gross, and they added extra dirt. It felt very real. It improved as we were shooting."
So, the inn is done. Where are your characters now?
Milian: "They're building another inn right now, waiting for part two to happen. Falling in love with a baby and two more goats. "
This interview has been edited and condensed.

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