Netflix's Falling Inn Love May Be Its Cheesiest Masterpiece Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The upcoming Netflix film Falling Inn Love features no typo in its title, but does feature a meet-cute that involves fixing up an old bed and breakfast.
After taking a quick detour into murder and "secret obsessions," Netflix is back to making movies about hot people flirting with each other under the most surreal of circumstances. In Falling Inn Love, Christina Milian plays Gabriela, a San Francisco executive whose life crumbles beneath her after she loses her job and boyfriend. When she wins an inn in New Zealand via internet contest (so many questions but moving on) she thinks her luck is changing — hence the title of the movie!
Unfortunately, the Bellbird Valley Farm looks nothing like its profile picture. Instead, it's a money pit she needs to completely renovate in order to get her life back on track. Luckily for Milian's business lady character though, the contractor she hires, Jake, (Adam Demos) looks like a missing Hemsworth brother...and is totally sweet on her.
Though things don't get off to the best start between Gabriela and Jake, they soon realize they are two broken people who can maybe mend their hearts by fixing up this inn.
The trailer for the new film features romantic comedy classics such as:
1. Gabriela watching Jake take off his shirt and whispering 'Damn' to herself
2. Gabriela stumbling on top of Jake during their home renovation process, leading to an almost-kiss that is interrupted before it commences
3. Jake picking up something personally and mildly embarrassing from Gabriela's suitcase
4. Gabriela receiving a new job offer in San Francisco, and feeling conflicted over taking it or staying with New Maybe Lover Jake
5. A side character telling Jake that he must tell Gabriela how he feels before it's too late
6. A ridiculous animal (in this case, a goat) that causes Gabriela to have a completely irrational fearful reaction
7. A promise of a "fairytale ending."
Oh, you think I won't be watching this just because I know exactly how it ends? Pssh. Falling Inn Love is already queued up.
Check out the trailer below:
Falling Inn Love drops on Netflix August 29.

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