Kristina Schulman Is Getting Death Threats After Giving Blake Horstmann A Rose On BIP

PHoto: courtesy of ABC.
As soon as Hannah Godwin gave Dylan Barbour her rose, Bachelor In Paradise fans breathed a sigh of relief that the Blake Horstmann drama was over. However, Kristina Schulman saved the contestant in the nic of time by giving him the final rose of the night, despite the fact that she was tangled in his infamous Stagecoach love triangle. It was a perplexing decision that Schulman tried to explain on Twitter last night, but she returned to social media today to condemn the hate she's received in response to the decision, which has included death threats.
"Ultimately, I care about people," she tweeted on Monday night after we watched her give her rose. "Blake and I have been friends for the past year, yes I give him shit and he’s very well aware but he came on the show to find love & I believed he deserved to stay."
However, this explanation was apparently not good enough for fans, who were so heated about Blake's actions on the island that they took it out on Kristina. Or...something like that. She doesn't really understand it either.
"After last nights episode of Bachelor in Paradise I was in shock about how much hate mail I got," Kristina wrote on her Instagram Story that she also shared on Twitter. "But that's not what struck m the most — what did, is how many Blake haters are out there (who don't even know him personally!) I wasn't sure if people messaged me because they hated my actions or simply because they hated him and projected it onto me."
Her message reminded fans that contestants were doing them a generous service by opening themselves up on TV, and that criticism is totally okay, but, she says, "death threats because you don't like someone is just UNACCEPTABLE."
After all, this is just a fun summer reality TV show. To be fair, this season has escalated off screen and onto social media, and involving the leaking of private texts. However, as far as last night is concerned, of course the person who has caused the most drama this season gets to stay on the show and keep causing drama. That's how entertainment works.
"If you can't handle it, turn off your TV or watch FRIENDS on Netflix," Kristina finally joked. Oh God, just don't tell them about Ross and Rachel.

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