Busy Philipps Thinks White Chicks “Wouldn't Be Made” Today

Photo: Jordin Althaus/E!/NBCU/Getty Images.
White Chicks is finally getting a sequel — but not everyone thought it would be possible, including original cast member Busy Philipps.
During a recent appearance on the podcast Absolutely Not!, hosted by comedian Heather McMahan, Philipps reflected on her role in the film and said she didn’t think that the movie could be made in 2019.
“You do know that I played the fat girl in White Chicks, that’s what my character was described as,” Philipps said before reflecting on what it meant in the movie. “To be totally honest with you, I think I was a size 8. Upon further reflection, maybe that was the joke, that she wasn’t really fat but that they are just so horrible...That movie wouldn’t be made now,” she added.
Philipps played Karen Googlestein, who is best friends with the “white chicks,” Tiffany and Brittany, that the Wayans Brothers impersonate as part of their FBI investigation. There are indeed several instances where Karen’s “weight” is scrutinized, but when paired with the infamous meltdown scene with Jennifer Carpenter, the implication is the movie is poking fun at the impossible standards placed on women.
Others would agree that White Chicks as a concept could really be in service of critiquing race and class in the 21st century. Film directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan of Swiss Army Man previously stated they envisioned an Oscar-worthy version of White Chicks.
Whether they’ll get their chance to make a prestige version of the movie or not, the Wayans Brothers and Terry Crews are already making plans for White Chicks 2. Marlon Wayans teased on MTV’s TRL that there were rumblings about a year ago, and Crews recently stated on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that he was in conversation with Shawn Wayans about making the project happen.
“You know what, I actually got with Shawn," Crews said, "and he was like, ‘Man, we’re doing it, we’re getting it going.'”

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