Gigi Hadid & Tyler Cameron Were Spotted At Starbucks & We Have So Many Questions

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron have been seen out together several times in the last couple of weeks, and although the two have not yet confirmed that they are dating, their most recent appearance together seems like more evidence. Less than 24 hours ago, Hadid and Cameron were photographed inside a Starbucks in the Lake George-area of upstate New York, which means the couple could be having a romantic weekend away.
Though we were intrigued by the photo of the model and the former-Bachelorette contestant, it did raise a few hard-to-ignore questions. Gaze upon the picture below, and allow us to walk you through our musings on this potential date.

Why do they have three drinks?

When we first saw that Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron had three Starbucks drinks between the two of them, our minds started spinning as fast as they did when we first noticed the two had followed each other on Instagram. Yes, the three drinks are ultimately inconsequential, but it's still weird, right? Page Six reports that Hadid and Cameron were actually accompanied by a few other friends. We suppose that means the third drink could have belonged to one of their travel companions, but we still like to think that either Gigi or Tyler always orders two drinks to go along with our theory that all celebs have unusual Starbucks orders.

What did they order?

We can't know for sure what the three drinks in this photo are, but obviously, we spent plenty of time hypothesizing. It looks like they had two coffees — one, a Grande iced Americano and the other, a Venti iced cold brew with a whole lot of milk. The third drink appears to be a Tall iced green tea. Again, we have no proof of any of this, but we can just feel it in our bones that the milky cold brew is Tyler's and the green tea was Gigi's. He just looks like someone who would be in an old-school "Got Milk?" ad, right?

Do they frequent Starbucks or is this just an out-of-town pitstop?

As one Refinery29 staffer pointed out, going to Starbucks with your maybe-boyfriend seems like something you'd do as a 16-years-old who just got your license. But, apparently, Hadid is a legit fan of the coffee chain. In 2015, she tweeted about her love affair with its peppermint lattes.

What else did they do on their trip upstate?

Though the drive from New York City to Lake George is only about four hours, any kind of road trip is supposed to be a good test for a new relationship. Despite not knowing if Hadid and Cameron are actually in a relationship, we do know that they likely got to know each other a little better on the drive and over the course of however many days they're hanging out together upstate. We like to think they're enjoying some time on the lake, going wine-tasting, and maybe hitting up a mini-golf course while they're in the area.

Are these they dating?!

Of course, the final and most pressing question this photo raises is are Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron dating or what? More than any other question on this list, we're most baffled that this one still remains unanswered.

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