We Tried Khloé Kardashian's Customized Starbucks Order & Here's How Much It Costs

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You know that crystal bowl of potpourri that sits on a shelf alongside a small watercolor painting of flowers and a cherub figurine in your great aunt's sickeningly pink powder room? Turns out, the smell of that very bowl of dried cinnamon bark, rose hips, and cloves is somewhat reminiscent of Khloé Kardashians' go-to Starbucks order.
Ahead of the release of the third iteration of Kylie Cosmetic's Koko Kollection, Kylie Jenner sat down with her older sister Khloé Kardashian to record a rapid-fire Q&A. When it came time to answer the burning question of what her go-to Starbucks order is, Khloé didn't hesitate. She said, "Ooh! Venti, seven pumps, no water Chai Latte."
Though Khloé was able to rattle off her order without a second thought, the description left us with a few questions. Does she order the Chai Latte hot or iced? What kind of milk does she request? And, how the hell did she come up with this super-specific order?
Based on the answer she gave Kylie, I went out and ordered the Venti Chai Latte with seven pumps of chia and no water. And, since she didn't specify temperature or milk type, I went with a standard hot latte and 2% milk. The total for this particular order at our New York City Starbucks location was $5.72. While that's not exactly a steal for a daily caffeine fix, it's still less expensive than your average oat milk latte.
In the video, after Khloé shares her favorite Starbucks drink, Kylie poses a different follow-up question. "What are the seven pumps?" the beauty mogul asks, confused about why her sister gets so much added chai syrup. Though Khloé's answer to this is "Just a little extra fabulousness," I found that seven pumps of chai, hold the water, wasn't exactly my cup of tea.
Khloé's $5.72 Starbucks drink is both cloyingly sweet and extremely strong. One sip of this specially-formulated Chai Latte may have caused this writer's lips to purse and nose to wrinkle, but that's the thing about signature drinks, the only person who has to love it is the person ordering it. However, we still want to know how many variations on number of chai pumps she tried before landing on seven.

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