Zombie Skittles Is Giving Candy A Terrifying, Undead Twist This Halloween

Photo: Courtesy of Mars, Inc.
On one hand, August marks the beginning of the end of summer. On the other, August marks just three or so months until Halloween — and one of the season’s most popular candies is already marking the occasion.
This Halloween, Skittles is launching Zombie Skittles. More than just a new flavor, Zombie Skittles promises to be an experience. Each pack will contain the regular Skittles flavors, but hidden within will be a few “rotten zombie” Skittles that the company promises to be “utterly disgusting.”
“Our fans love Skittles not just for its delicious fruity flavors, but for the irreverence and sense of humor for which the brand is known,” said Skittles senior brand manager Rebecca Duke said in a press release. "This Halloween, we wanted to give our fans the ultimate rotten twist on the candy they know and love, challenging them to test their bravery over a bag of Zombie Skittles."
We have no idea what the flavor will be like — everything from rotten eggs to moldy leftovers comes to mind — but this seems like a viral post in the making. We foresee plenty of prank videos, of course, not to mention online reactions. But unwittingly biting into a nasty Skittle when all you wanted was a classic rush of fruity-flavored sugar could also go terribly wrong — and if the zombie flavor is rotten enough, we might just want to steer clear of any rainbow-colored candies through Halloween.
After all, the especially terrifying twist here is that the “repulsive” zombie Skittle will only be revealed once you start to chew. You’d be none the wiser otherwise, since it will be disguised as any of Skittles’ five fruity flavors, which are spookily rebranded for Halloween purposes as Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, and Blood Red Berry.
The novelty candy is meant to get thrill-seeking trick or treaters in the Halloween spirit, if that’s your thing. But if you’re not in the mood to try your luck, it looks like Skittles will still offer its original option — just make sure to double-check the bag first.

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