Why Are There So Many More Yellow Skittles In The Skittles Bag?

Photo: Courtesy of Wrigley.
I'm going to say something kind of controversial, so brace yourself. The only Skittles flavor that's worth a damn is red. We're, of course, strictly talking traditional here — not Wild Berry, not Tropical. After red, I'd say I have some tolerance for purple and, to a lesser extent, green and orange. But seriously, don't even waste my time with yellow. I've done some very unscientific polling, and it turns out a lot of people share my contempt for yellow Skittles. So why do there always seem to be so many in each bag? This isn't just my imagination multiplying the yellow losers in each Skittles bag. Proof that this is a real phenomenon just came to light in the form of a Reddit post. Feast your eyes on the color-sorted contents of this party-sized Skittles bag.
As you may know by now, redditors are always good for some investigating, and this time was no exception. After the photo was posted last week, users put their heads together to try and get to the bottom of why there were so many more yellow Skittles in a bag. That's when someone posted a video from the Skittles factory. Take a look:
As you may have noticed, when the different Skittles are separated by flavor, there seem to be some rogue yellows among the reds, greens, purples, and oranges. The video convinced many people that this was the reason for so many yellows in each pack. Not everyone was sold on this explanation, though, and I have to say I, too, am skeptical. I want to know why it's the sunny-colored candies that seem to be the only ones breaking free. That's a question I couldn't find the answer to. However, other Reddit users hypothesized that yellow dye is simply the cheapest, so it's used most often. But I can't totally buy into that one. We still don't have an answer confirmed by Wrigley or any kind of Skittles genius. Still, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one picking through a sea of yellows looking for red.

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