How Hannah & Jed's Ex Have Been Sneakily Communicating

Photo: ABC/Mark Bourdillon.
On Tuesday night, the truth came out. As was reported by People in the middle of the season, Bachelorette contestant Jed Wyatt did have a girlfriend going into filming, and this plus his shady excuses caused Hannah Brown to end their engagement. Now, she and Jed's ex, Haley Stevens, are both recovering, and are actually leaning on each other by sending messages of support during this difficult time.
No, the two haven't hung out IRL (although, please make this happen), Stevens told Vulture that they've been communicating through news outlets, and that "it's all been positive."
This communication started back in June when the news first broke, with Stevens telling Refinery29 the words she most wanted Brown to hear: "I feel for her. This is most definitely hurtful no matter what the outcome is — if they're engaged, whatever it is. I have no clue. This is someone that she developed feelings for as well. To feel like I hurt somebody else the way that I have been hurting is like another knife in the gut."
Fast forward to this past week, and Brown spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her break-up, and had a message of her own for Stevens.
"I've been in a similar situation in the past before," she told the outlet. "From this, I hope she's learned a lot just like I have and she knows her worth and what she deserves. And I hope that she can find someone that truly makes her happy one day, too."
When ET relayed this to Stevens over video chat, tears filled her eyes as she explained, "The biggest regret that I've had in all this is that this was her experience, this was her love story. My being sort of the other woman in this, you know, scenario is what caused her heartbreak at the end of this thing that was supposed to be so incredible for her."
Her message back to Brown? "I wish [her] all the happiness, all the best things to come out of this. I have most definitely learned from every moment of this and I know she has too, so that's incredible. Thank you for sharing that."
Okay, after those drinks with Tyler C., these ladies need to get brunch ASAP.

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