Why Luke P. Returned To The Bachelorette Is Less Important Than What Hannah Did In Response

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Just when fans (and Hannah) thought they were done with Luke P., he returned to The Bachelorette for an ill-timed confrontation about needing closure. Hannah had previously sent Luke home after his seriously shaming comments about her having sex in the Fantasy Suites, but then he decided not to go home after all.
He showed up at the rose ceremony to try to talk to Hannah, because he was convinced that Hannah was actually in love with him. He even had a ring in his pocket to propose, according to Chris Harrison. Fortunately, Hannah totally put him in his place before any such proposal could occur, creating one of the most iconic Bachelorette moments of all time in the process.
The last time Hannah sent him home on a one-on-one date in Scotland, Luke later showed up to talk to her. She ended up forgiving him and letting him back on the show. So there's some precedence for him thinking it would work again. However, that's where the leniency stops and where the door hits him on the way out. It's also why Hannah's reaction to Luke's reappearance was everything fans have been wanting to see since Luke started causing trouble this season. And while Hannah had a lot to say, the best, most incredible moment (and one that fans will remember for years to come) was when Hannah was so over Luke, she literally picked up the roses stand and moved it around the man in her way:
But meme-able moment aside, Hannah's response was exactly what viewers have come to expect. As soon as she turned the corner into the rose ceremony, she rolled her eyes upon seeing Luke and without hesitation, she demanded to know why he was there. Tyler, Jed, and Peter's faces slowly lit up as they realized she'd already sent Luke home. They were not-so-quietly celebrating, and all too happy to chime in. Tyler backed Hannah up saying, "She said no, bro," while Jed muttered under his breath, "Thank you, god." As Luke tried to explain that he needed clarity or closure, Hannah was obviously a million percent over it. And while the support from the guys is great, she had the situation handled.
She told Luke to "fucking leave" and even picked up the table with the roses on it and moved it past him when he refused to go. She would not entertain what he had to say, which is completely her prerogative.
As she explained to Luke, "This is not about you." Sure, it sucks to not get closure, but that's life, dude. Also, Hannah was very clear about why he needed to leave. There wasn't a lack of clarity here. Ultimately, this is Hannah's journey, and all that matters is that she has clarity so she can move to the next step in the process. And the next step is to move past Luke because she's had it.
But, despite that clarity, Luke kept insisting he knew how Hannah really felt. "I still know for a fact that you still have feelings for me," he told her. (She stated quite explicitly that she was over it.) Chris Harrison even had to show up to help move the situation along. He asked Hannah what she wanted, and she said that she wanted (for the tenth time, at this point) for Luke to leave. He finally did after she told him clearly to his face that she did not have any feelings for him, that she didn't regret sending him home, and that she knew he wasn't right for her.
His weird proposal half-attempt and rose ceremony crashing in Greece seems to legitimately be the last of his appearance on the show. And, it seems that's even what Luke wants. He tweeted during the episode, stating as much: "Who’s ready for the Luke P show to end?? I know I am!"
We all are very much are ready for that. And while Hannah can definitely hold her own if he does find a way to come back, but she deserves to get to move on in this process in peace. The Luke show needs to be over, and it seems it finally is. We did it, y'all.

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