Pussycat From Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood Is (Probably) Based On This Real Manson Girl

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Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood, along with a slew of other Manson Family-related documentaries and movies, has reignited the public's fascination with the cult that went on a killing spree in the summer of 1969. In particular, many have wondered if all of the Manson Family members in Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood are based on real people, especially since many of them go by nicknames like Margaret Qualley's "Pussycat."
While much of the new Quentin Tarantino film is a work of fiction set against the backdrop of fact, many of the characters are real people or took inspiration from them. Pussycat, played by Margaret Qualley, is on the "inspired by" side.
Pussycat is a member of the film version of the Manson Family, who attempts to bring Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) home to Spahn's Ranch to meet the Manson cult when he offers her a ride home. There may not have been a Pussycat in the Manson Family, but it is likely that she was inspired by real-life member, Kathryn Lutesinger who went by "Kitty."
Lutesinger was reportedly brought into the family by then-boyfriend, Bobby Beausoleil. According to true crime blogs on the Manson Family, Lutesinger was pregnant with Beausoleil's child at the time. Though she spent a few months as a member of the family, she reportedly left shortly before Beausoleil was arrested for the first of the Manson murders when he killed music teacher, Gary Hinman.
When police raided Spahn's Ranch, Lutesinger was among the people arrested. She would later return to the ranch before leaving and seeking police protection. Her interviews with detectives would later prove helpful in obtaining search warrants and building a case against Manson as well as implicating many of the other Family members, including Beausoleil, in the Hinman and Tate murders.
Since her involvement in the Manson Family and aiding in their arrest, Lutesinger disappeared from the public eye. Because she was never charged or convicted of any crimes related to the Family, it is presumed she went on to live a quiet life and was able to separate herself from her association with the cult.

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