How Dare Big Little Lies Cut The Ice Cream Toss When It's Already Iconic & Viral?

Unfortunately, Big Little Lies fans won’t get to see Reese Witherspoon throw ice cream at Meryl Streep. That’s because HBO left the clip of Witherspoon’s line drive at Streep’s head on the cutting room floor, which is thoroughly disappointing. But, hey, at least we will always have the memes, right?
Vanity Fair’s podcast Still Watching reported that BLL most definitely won’t air the much tweeted about paparazzi photo in which Witherspoon’s Madeline was spotted committing an all-out dairy assault on Streep’s Mary Louise on this week's episode. Now, it’s unclear why the series, which has already featured a Streep slap courtesy of Nicole Kidman, won’t be blessing us with this scene.
After all, it’s obvious that Madeline would love to show Mary Louise where she can stick all her “short” insults — even if Perry’s mom doesn’t mean it in a negative way. And from the looks of those on-set pap photos, Witherspoon had a good time throwing the cone, which she revealed most definitely did hit Streep. Seriously, is there anything Reese can’t do?
While there will be no ice cream slinging, watching Madeline and Mary Louise spar is the most delicious part of season 2. For those still heartbroken over this news, though, know that you can soothe your soul with a cone from Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre, CA, the actual ice cream shop where Big Little Lies filmed the scene.
Let’s hope they release the #icecreamcut when this season’s all said and done. For now, we’ll just have to go back to tweeting about Jane’s bangs and Streep’s fake teeth.

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