Who's Who In Meghan Markle's Wimbledon Crew

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Ladies who sport is the new ladies who lunch. Just this week we saw saw the U.S. Women's Soccer team kicking ass, and now we have the formidable Serena Williams hoping to win the Wimbledon championship after an upset last year.
Second only to actually participating in sports is being a sports spectator — just ask Meghan Markle, who has become a fixture at the London tennis tournament. Last year, Markle attended with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, but this year, the Duchess of Sussex is holding her own court-side court. Stepping out for the first time solo since her maternity leave, Markle made the event a three-for-one: She got to enjoy one of her favorite past times, she got to hang out with a few old friends, and she got to publicly support a newer one. We stan an efficient royal.
But, who exactly are these two women by Markle's side? That would be Genevieve Hillis and Lindsay Roth, who have been friends with the Duchess of Sussex since before she was a part of the royal family, and even before she first donned a suit on Suits. The three women went to Northwestern University together, and a few people think that by inviting these two old friends to the game, Markle is confirming their status as godparents to wee Archie.
Hillis, who co-hosted Markle's baby shower with Williams in New York earlier this year, is from Milwaukee and currently works at Direct Supply, where her father is also the CEO. Markle once wrote about Hillis on her now-defunct blog, The Tig (RIP) and according to an excerpt, immortalized forever on "Meghanpedia," Hillis sounds like my kind of friend. "She’s one of those people you trust with your life – not to mention with restaurant recommendations, the best spa treatments, hidden gems, and amazing music," Markle wrote, according to the site.
Roth, meanwhile, is boring. Just kidding! Roth is an author and former television producer, and she and Markle, who was her maid of honor, share an equally special bond. Roth even acknowledged Markle in her 2015 book What Pretty Girls Are Made Of, noting that the future royal was part of her "core four" group, and deemed their friendship "rare, deep...[and] overwhelmingly precious."
As Markle's two best friends, and chosen Wimbledon guests, I'd say the odds of them getting godparent title during Archie's Christening this weekend are pretty high. Sorry George Clooney.

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