How The Women's World Cup Players Handle Pressure

Photo: Marianna Massey/FIFA/Getty Images.
Once again, the U.S. Women's Soccer Team has won the Women's World Cup. It was an iconic month of soccer, with some unforgettable viral moments and historic wins. The 2019 USWNT players will go down in history, not just for scoring record numbers of goals and taking home awards, but also for standing up to President Trump and fighting for equal pay. For these women, it's all in a World Cup's work.
Becoming a World Cup champion takes way more than just physical strength, it takes a lot of mental fortitude, too. Often when there are large-scale sporting events, such as the Olympics or the World Cup, fans forget that these athletes have to perform under immense pressure.
In honor of yesterday's victory, ahead are some quotes from members of the USWNT about caring for their mental health, coping with anxiety, and handling pressure on the world's stage.

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