Lady Gaga Honored Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary With A Surprise Empowering Speech

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images
Lady Gaga surprised the crowd at New York City’s Pride Live Stonewall Day Concert on Friday with an impassioned speech about love, acceptance, and the progress the LGBTQ+ community has inspired and fought for.
“You should be so, so proud of yourselves,” Gaga said through tears. “Look around you. Look at what you have done.” Gaga has been a longtime supporter and vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Her song “Born This Way” has long been considered an anthem for the queer community.
Countless people gathered outside the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which many attribute to galvanizing the gay rights movement. “This community has fought, and continues to fight, a war of acceptance, a war of tolerance, and the most relentless bravery,” Gaga told the crowd. “You are the definition of courage. Do you know that?”
Gaga didn’t perform at the event, but she closed her inspiring speech by bringing attention to the rising number of attacks on the transgender community. “It is said that those who threw the first brick on that historic night were members of the trans community,” she said. “And while we have made tremendous progress, we find ourselves at a time where attacks on the trans community are on an increasing rise each day. I will not tolerate this.”
The pop singer shared more of her thoughts on Instagram. “This community inspires me so much,” she captioned a photo of herself in the head-to-toe rainbow outfit she wore during her speech. “Your courage, your bravery, your relentless pursuit of kindness. Celebrate yourselves today, and hopefully every day. I love you.”

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