Good Luck Finding Where The Hills' Jen Bunney Is Now

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This summer, we have been blessed with the return of The Hills, and the return of many of the original show’s stars. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will be on MTV's The Hills: New Beginnings starting June 24 (was there ever any doubt?) and so will Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Whitney Port, and Justin Bobby Brescia. But what about one essential mega pot-stirrer: will Jen Bunney be on The Hills reboot?
Right now, it’s not looking good, mostly because where Jen Bunney is now is far, far away from reality TV. On the original show, "Jen Bunney" was as much a name to be exclaimed 20 times an episode as she was a person known for her drama with Lauren Conrad. At the start of the series, they were best friends, but you could tell that Jen loved to stir the pot. Everything totally exploded when she supposedly slept with Brody (who Lauren happened to have a thing with at the time), betraying her BFF’s trust in the process.
Of course, it might have all been manufactured drama. In a 2015 interview with Yahoo!, Brody denied ever sleeping with Jen, also admitted that his relationship with Lauren was just for the show. At this point, it might be a little too late to undo the damage — or figure out if this admission had any bearing on the way Lauren feels about Jen today. And in any event, Lauren is definitely not participating in the Hills reboot, and it doesn’t seem like Jen will, either, because she’s gone totally out of the limelight now.
It’s a little shocking that someone who seemed to be super into drama and gossip in her early 20s isn’t on social media, but she seems to have deleted her Instagram account. According to her LinkedIn page, Jen is now working in healthcare and earned a PhD — who saw that coming?
The only recent updates on Jen have come via Heidi, who she’s still very close friends with. In 2014, Jen married Taylor Dunphy, and Heidi and Spencer were there to cheer her on.
“It was the most beautiful wedding in every way,” Heidi told Us Weekly at the time. “Every detail was perfect, elegant, and classic, just like Jen. Jen and Taylor are truly soul mates. There are not two people who are more in love and destined for each other. Truly a divine match. I wish them all the blessings in the world and a long happy life together.”
And in 2017, Heidi revealed that Jenn is actually the godmother of her and Spencer’s son, Gunner. Looks like those Hills ties are strong.
It doesn’t seem like Jen will be joining her pals on the reboot, though, but things could always change if the show catches on. Either way, she was an unforgettable part of the original series, and those Hollywood hills just won't be the same without her.

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