A Guide To All The Truly Wild Chucky Movies Ahead Of The Child's Play Reboot

PHoto: courtesy of Orion Pictures.
Warning: spoilers for the Child's Play franchise and 2019 film reboot ahead.
As Jessica Lange once said in American Horror Story: Asylum, "All monsters are human." True, except perhaps when they are dolls inhabited by the spirit of a notorious murderer. In 1988, Child's Play introduced us to Chucky, a Good Guy doll in a striped shirt and overalls whose sole purpose in life was to be your best bud — and also, to be a serial killer.
Whatever you do, don't underestimate the most iconic doll in the horror genre. What Chucky lacks in size and speed (those tiny legs can only get you so far!), he makes up for in creative kills and clever catchphrases. He's a pint-sized psychopath but, if you are a fan of scary movies, he's a very entertaining one. Chucky is the central character in a whopping eight movies, plus one TV series that is reportedly on its way.
The 2019 Child's Play reboot does things a little differently from the OG Chucky flicks. Here, Chucky's not the doll embodiment of a human murderer, but a malfunctioning piece of artificial intelligence straight out of a Black Mirror episode. After watching the Child's Play movies, you'll never look at dolls the same way again.
With 2019's reboot hitting theaters, it's time to brush up on all the history of the Child's Play franchise.

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