What Really Happened To Trinkets' Elodie In Albuquerque & Why She Can't Let It Go

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Warning: Trinkets spoilers are ahead.
There are a few questions that loom over Netflix’s new teen drama series Trinkets from the very first episode. But the biggest question is what happened to Elodie in Albuquerque?
Trinkets follows Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand), Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell), and Moe (Kiana Madeira), three high school girls from different social circles who bond after attending Shoplifters Anonymous meetings. The show is based on the book Trinkets by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, who also created and served as executive producer for the series.
If you've just started the series, you know Elodie has just moved to Portland from New Mexico to live with her dad and his new family. Elodie is tight-lipped at first when asked about her life in Albuquerque, and it takes a long series of flashbacks throughout the season to finally get to the bottom of the horrific event that forced Elodie to leave her home. We've organized the clues for you, in case you missed a few along the way:
Episode 1: Sorry For Your Loss
When Elodie is attempting to make new friends in the pilot episode, one student apologizes to Elodie for her recent loss. The audience learns later that Elodie’s mother died in the past year but little is mentioned about her death or a direct connection between the death Albuquerque.
Episode 2: Homesick For Albuquerque
In episode 2, “Paper Tiger,” Elodie begins to build her friendship with Tabitha and Moe but she is also desperately trying to return to Albuquerque for a party. Elodie is homesick for most of the episode and she tells Tabitha and Moe she wants to visit her girlfriend back home. Later on, Elodie admits to Tabitha and Moe that she doesn’t have a girlfriend, but she does have a crush. This little white lie Elodie tells is a hint that she isn’t telling the full story about her past life in New Mexico.
Episodes 5 & 6: The Flashbacks Start
In “Big Mistake” and “Rearview Mirror” Elodie has flashbacks of an accident that happened in Albuquerque that has made her fear driving. She shares with Tabitha the story of how her mother was killed in a car accident when Elodie was in the passenger seat. Elodie’s dad tells her that the police discovered the other driver was drunk which means Elodie has been asked to testify and recall the horrific memory. But when she is supposed to meet with her lawyer, Elodie blows off her scheduled deposition to spend time with Sabine (Katrina Cunningham), presumably because the experience is too painful to relive.
Episode 9: Elodie Blames Herself
Elodie and her father argue in episode 9 “Night Market,” after she accidentally loses her brother and she goes on a shoplifting spree. During the argument, Elodie blurts out that she blames herself for her mother’s death because she asked her mom to pick her up the day she died. After her father reassures her it was not her fault, she agrees to do the deposition. She finally gives her testimony the next day.
At first it seems that Elodie has put Albuquerque and the car accident behind her, but as the series unfolds, that’s not quite the case. One of the reasons Sabine uses to convince Elodie to run away with her is that Elodie can come with her and return to New Mexico. Elodie decides to go with Sabine, so she must still have unresolved feelings about her hometown.
We’ll have to wait to see if the series is renewed for a second season to find out where Elodie goes from here.

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