Chicken Nuggets Are the Unlikely Stars of The Bachelorette

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Some say that chicken nuggets are the key to happiness. The wisest sages of the Internet always ask: “Who needs a partner when you have chicken nuggets?” And on this season of The Bachelorette, chicken nuggets are emerging as the unlikely scene-stealers.
There was the big platter of chicken nuggets at the center of the evening’s cocktail party. Hannah is having driveway picnics where the menu consists of only chicken nuggets. As fans on Twitter have noted, this season has seen more chicken nuggets than every other season combined.
We haven’t forgotten how in episode two, Cam got a handful of nuggets to the chest for being his obnoxious intrusive self. And while Cam and Jonathan faced off in episode three, John Paul Jones did his thing and dipped them bad boys in some honey mustard sauce.
The second-most iconic nugget cameo of them all was brought to you by Jed. In the latest episode, Jed took his relationship with Hannah to the next level by bringing her chicken nuggets and asking her to make a wish by throwing it off the mansion’s rooftop. Twitter had a ball, but Hannah has defended the chicken nugget ritual.
While these nuggets look like your trusty McDonald's McNugget, we have to wonder if there is some sort of sponsorship deal in the works and if so, can we expect some kind of deal or promo code for the finale? What we do know is that this season of The Bachelorette has seen Hannah through a hospitalization and an almost-fractured hand. And if these boys keep pushing it, our girl might just ditch them for a 20-piece.

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