Did Taylor Swift Just Confirm This TS7 Fan Theory?

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Taylor Swift may have just low-key confirmed the title of her new album, thanks to the "ME!" singer's new interview with Billboard — and it should make sleuthing Swifties super happy.
Swift loves dropping clues about her future projects, and went all-in on teasing fans with her upcoming seventh album. Swift even showed up in front of a mural in Nashville that included the words of her album's first single, "ME!," which featured Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie. Now, Swift has told Billboard that the music video and lyrics for "ME!" also revealed a clue about the title of TS7.
"[You] see it once and you hear it twice," Swift told Billboard of the name of her album.
If that's the case, then Swift's fans may be right on the money. A big theory amongst Swifties is that TS7 is titled Lover, and now, the singer has all but confirmed it.
Well, confirmed might be a strong word — but do a little digging, and you'll realize that of all the possible words in the song that Swift might, realistically, use for an album title, "lover" is the only one that appears exactly twice — she and Urie sing "baby doll when it comes to a lover" twice in the track.
The word "lover" also appears in the background of the video. When Swift and Urie are on a unicorn-shaped balcony (with Swift's pink dress dripping out onto the street like a waterfall), the word "Lover" can be seen written in the background, on a neon sign.
Photo: YouTube/TaylorSwift
It's also worth noting that hearts show up a lot in this particular video, another indication that love is on Swift's brain, and in the title of her album.
It also fits in where Swift is in life. Her previous album, reputation, was all about her confronting rumors and gossip. These days, Swift seems happily in love with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.
Of course, Swift can drop all the clues she wants: We'll have to wait until she makes a grand reveal to find out if we're right about Lover.

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