Did This Billie Eilish Song Tease A Big Spoiler For The Society?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Celebrated Gen Z star Billie Eilish makes today's darkest pop music, so it’s only fitting that a teen series about humanity’s most sinister impulses features an Eilish track in its trailer. Netflix’s Lord of the Flies-esque drama The Society features Eilish’s single "Bury a Friend," a moody song choice that hints things will not go well for the residents of New Ham. However, there may be more to the decision to include this particular Eilish track than we may have originally noticed: Do the lyrics to "Bury a Friend" actually spoil a major plot point of The Society?
The Society is a series about a group of suburban Connecticut teens who are sent on a field trip after a horrible smell returns to their town. However, the field trip never happens. After a long bus ride, the teens, who are asleep, are woken up in the middle of the night by the driver. The trip was canceled, so the buses had to turn around and return home. However, when the teens return to what they believe is their hometowns, their parents aren’t there to pick them up. In fact, their parents — and siblings, and anyone who did not go on the ill-fated bus trip — are nowhere to be found at all.
It’s only later that the teens learn perhaps these people didn’t go anywhere: The young residents of West Ham were transported somewhere instead, without their knowledge. The town that looks like their hometown isn’t, and is instead in a parallel universe. Welcome to New Ham!
...Which brings us back to Eilish. In Eilish’s song "Bury a Friend," A repeated line in Eilish's track is: "When we all fall asleep, where do we go?" That line is also the title of her album.
Essentially, the trailer for The Society told us, in explicit terms, that the teens of West Ham (and now, New Ham) were transported somewhere. Check out the trailer below:
As for the title "Bury a Friend," well — as anyone who watched The Society knows, the town of New Ham had to do that to quite a few pals. Seems like The Society and Eilish are a match made in angsty teen perfection.

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