The Proof Of Other Dragons In Westeros May Be In The Game of Thrones Opening Credits

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They say that the dragon has three heads, but have we ever stopped to think about the fact that there might be a fourth dragon on Game of Thrones? Daenerys Targaryen started with three dragons, but then that number has dwindled down to two, and now sadly one. And yeah, Drogon is the last of Dany's dragon left in season 8, but he might not be the last dragon ever.
Even though we’re two episodes from the very end of the series, Thrones is hinting that there may be more dragons in Westeros. Dany has and fans have long believed her were the last dragons, and after Ice Viserion was killed when Arya took out the Night King and Rhaegal was killed by one of Euron’s giant crossbows, Drogon — the biggest and fiercest of the dragons — looks like he's in danger of not surviving to the end. But there are some clues that these three dragons may not be our only hope.

What Was Euron Looking At In The Episode 5 Promo?

In the promo for episode 5, we see Euron surprised by what he sees in the sky. More than likely he’s just looking at Drogon, coming to fry his pirate ass. However, it’s possible that he’s seeing Rhaegal who isn’t actually dead. Sure, we saw the dragon pierced by many crossbows, and fall into the ocean, but that still doesn’t mean he’s dead. We’ve seen presumed dead characters on Game of Thrones come back many times before. But there is another (far more exciting) option, still...

Is There A 4th Dragon On Game Of Thrones?

That's right: there might be a fourth dragon? That possibility has never come up before — we had three dragons already so why even worry about a fourth? — but Game of Thrones has actually hinted at the existence right in front of our faces. In season 8, Game of Thrones got new opening credits that take us on more of a tour of inside Winterfell and King’s Landing. Also, the imagery on the astrolabe (the spinning sphere thing), has changed. Just before we see the Game of Thrones title, four dragons etched into the gold rings appear. It’s probably not something you’ve registered over the last four episodes, but it’s there (at the 1:33 mark).
If that’s not a hint at another dragon, I don’t know what is. Why suddenly include a brand new, and much bigger, dragon in the opening credit sequence if we’re not going to see it by season’s end?

Where Did The New Game of Thrones Dragon Come From?

If this fourth dragon does exist, it’s highly suspected than an egg (or a few) might be in the Winterfell crypts. The crypts have already played a major role in the season so far — Jon learned his parentage there, after all. But we knew that. Could something even more significant happen there?
George R. R. Martin’s books highly hint at some dragon eggs in the crypt, but obviously, we’ve all yet to read about any confirmation of that yet since Winds of Winter still... isn't... done. Though the action on the show is shifting to King’s Landing, the crypts were featured so heavily in the promo leading up to season 8, it’d be weird not to return back there at least one last time. Might Lyanna Stark have had an egg buried with her? She did marry a Targaryen, and after the Night King woke the dead, every one of those tombs has been busted right open.
Of course, there's also another way...

Is It Possible Drogon Laid Eggs On Game Of Thrones?

Drogon did disappear for a while at the end of season 5, so it's possible that while he was gone, he laid eggs. But Drogon is male, so that couldn't possibly work, right? Well, according to the Game of Thrones wikia, in A Feast For Crows, Chapter 35, it is explained that Westeros historian Septon Barth believed that dragons were able to change gender and that they were "as changeable as flame" according to what a given situation called for. If Drogon laid dragon eggs back in season 5, those dragons would have had time to grow up a little, into the teen-like dragons we saw during Game of Thrones' middle seasons. Also... sort of like the image in the Thrones opening credits, of one large dragon and a handful of smaller ones. No?
And with only two episodes left, we’ve got a very small amount of time to introduce this dragon (or dragons), if it actually exists. But, it might be the Hail Mary Dany needs to defeat Euron and Cersei once and for all. We’ll find out what Euron is looking at up in the clouds during episode 5, and whether it’s an old dragon or a new one.

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