One-Time Bachelor Meanie Demi Is Now Friends With Almost Everyone From Colton's Season

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless.
She's baaaack! Fan favorite Bachelor pot-stirrer Demi Burnett made a splash on Colton Underwood's season by being exactly who she was — someone who is unafraid to say what she is thinking, pretty much always. She was sent home by Colton after she said she loved him, which endeared her to even her strongest haters. But many fans loved her from the start, and they're going to love the role Demi has on Hannah's Bachelorette season.
In a trailer for the Bachelorette premiere, Demi and fellow Colton castoff Katie Morton show up on Hannah's season to do some reconnaissance on the men. They seem especially concerned about one person, so it'll be interesting to see how they handle what could be a potential "wrong reasons" suitor. According to the promos, Katie and Demi are being dubbed "Hannah's Angels" for their sneaky, spy-like surveillance of the dudes. But, sitting in a van with video feeds of Hannah's dudes isn't Demi's only endeavor since leaving The Bachelor.
For all of the drama Demi caused and got caught up in on Colton's season (when she called Courtney the "cancer of the house," and when she acted like some of the older Bachelor contestants were "brave" for daring to date at their age), she seemingly made lifelong bonds on the show. There's no denying that the 23-year-old contestant made some missteps with many of the women, but despite all that, she is largely friends still friends with her cast today —including Hannah. (It should be noted, however, that she and Courtney definitely do not follow each other on Instagram.)
Some of Demi's friends from the show, as showcased on her Instagram, include Catherine, Caelynn, Tayshia, Kirpa, Heather, Onyeka, Hannah G, and of course Katie and Hannah B. In one photo taken following the show, Demi posed with the two Hannahs and Heather. "TRIPLE HD," she called the group, using several heart emojis.
Demi is even close now with Elyse and Tracy, whom she clashed with on the show over their age. (She was 23, they were both 31, and Demi kept referring to them as cougars.) But they seem to have worked out any beef they may have had, and all three of them are pictured dancing together in a photo on Demi's Instagram (below) with a cheeky reference to Demi's cougar quips.
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But how did this happen? How did the woman poised as the one in the middle of every fight on Colton's season end up being BFF with pretty much the entire cast? Well, while The Bachelor often pits women against one another in their pursuit of love, most of the women leave the show with lasting friendships — regardless of whether or not they get the titular guy. Demi is no exception, which is why she joined Katie to help make sure that their friend Hannah is surrounded by a good group of men. Even if you don't see blossoming friendships on the show, know that they're there — even for the supposed "villains." The Bachelor edit team works hard, but female friendships work harder.

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