Proof We Should Be Obsessed With The Cast Of Chambers

Photo: Edie Sunday
In 2017, Netflix released ensemble drama 13 Reasons Why. Within weeks, fans became obsessed with the real-life hangouts of the Netflix's show's off-camera squad. We may always love a Justin Prentice/Ross Butler bromance pic, but as we wait for season 3 of 13 Reasons Why to drop on Netflix, it's time to find a new cast to obsess over.
World, may I present the cast of Chambers, who are having way, waaaaay more fun offscreen than any of their characters are on?
Photo: Edie Sunday
Photo: Edie Sunday
Chambers is Netflix's new teen horror show, and it is not for the faint of heart. Pun intended: The series follows Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose), who, one stormy night, has a mysterious heart attack. Sasha is saved, thanks to a heart transplant from the recently deceased Becky (Lilliya Reid).
As Sasha settles in to life with her new heart, she's sucked into Becky's world when Becky's parents (played by Tony Goldwyn and Uma Thurman) gift her a scholarship to Becky's prestigious, New Age-y high school. What could be a fish-out-of-water drama quickly becomes something far more frightening when Sasha experiences bizarre visions and strange, violent behaviors.
The show would be nothing without its mystic desert setting, which is where the cast of Chambers got to hang out together outside of set. In a new Netflix featurette made exclusive to Refinery29, the young cast of Chambers goes on a road trip across New Mexico (where the series was filmed, despite taking place in Arizona), where they meet up with a tarot card reader, explore the gorgeous desert landscape, and attempt (and possibly fail?) a driving test.
Oh, and, spoilers: Elliott — aka actor Nicholas Galitzine — has an accent in real life!
Check out the video below.
Chambers is streaming on Netflix.

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