Mars Moving Into Cancer Could Leave You Extra Emotional

Photographed by Megan Madden.
On May 15, Mars will enter Cancer. Buckle up, because things could get turbulent. Mars is leaving Taurus, which is known for being stable and patient, and heading into Cancer, an emotional roller coaster of a sign. Astrologer Theresa Reed, founder of The Tarot Lady, says Mars isn't happy in Cancer. “It’s a time when the warrior planet [Mars] becomes less aggressive, because of all the emotions that come with Cancer,” Reed says. “It’s kind of like throwing a wet blanket on a hot fire.”
During this time, emotions like anger can get repressed, which can lead to passive aggressive behavior, Reed warns. There’s also potential for drama. “Feelings can erupt unexpectedly, causing situations to boil over,” Reed says. However, due to Cancer’s desire to nurture, this transit can bring out a “mother lion” vibe, she says. People may be ready to defend their loved ones.
Astrologer Donna Page also warns that relationships with imbalances may be forced to work through their issues during this time if one person is doing all of the emotional work. “Mars in Cancer can be tired of taking care of everything that life demands,” Page says. “It just wants to be supported and taken care of.”
Reed says that because Cancer is a Cardinal sign — signs who are often seen as leaders — this can be an ideal time to get new projects started. “But keep in mind that momentum can get lost, especially if emotions get in the way,” Reed warns. “Keep feelings in check, while still finding a healthy way to express them.”
Page says a good way to release pent up energy during this time could come in the form of sprucing up your personal space. Reed agrees, and says people may also want to start a family or take a look at their finances while Mars is still in Cancer.
If all of this emotional turmoil sounds intimidating to you, don’t worry — nothing lasts forever. Mars will move into Leo on the night of July 1. Page says Leo loves to shine, party, and have fun. She says in July, we’ll make a shift out of the emotional side, and be able to put focus on enjoying the present moment. So, start your countdown.

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