How The Chambers Finale Changes Everything We Know About Sasha & Becky

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Congratulations on finishing the spooky spring ride that is Chambers season 1, Netflix’s brand-new horror show. Over 10 episodes, Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra Rose) screamed her way through countless terrifying surprises, from combustible aura photography to the random appearances of the late Becky LeFevre (Lilliya Scarlett Reid), who is prone to popping up with black goo spilling out of her mouth and bringing swarms of mice with her. Moments like the latter nightmarish occurrence sure made it seem like Becky may have been Sasha’s greatest enemy.
Then, you get to Chambers’ season 1 finale, “The Crystal Organ.” It confirms Becky wasn’t exactly ruining Sasha’s life at all. Instead, Becky was Sasha’s final line of defense against Lilith, the ancient, dangerous supernatural being the Southwest Annex Foundation funneled into Becky’s heart, which now lives inside of Sasha. It’s a revelation that puts all of Chambers into new focus — and makes you realize Sasha and Becky are both victims here.
“It’s so easy to look at this story from the outside and be like, ‘Evil white family. Brown girl.’ You can twist it that way if you wanted to,” Sasha’s portrayer Sivan Alyra Rose tells Refinery29. “But Becky and Sasha, they were similar girls and that was the point.” In a world without otherworldly cultish wellness foundations and Biblical demonesses, these are two teens who could have been friends.

I’m not trying to cold-blood murder this girl I have a bunch of sympathy for.

Sivan Alyra Rose
In fact, in the darkest way possible, Becky, who died by suicide, was trying to be Sasha’s friend by recommending she also end her own life and permanently eliminate the evil in their shared heart. For a streaming service that promotes the suicide-obsessed 13 Reasons Why as one of its most successful series, that isn’t a surprising message for a Netflix show. Becky wanted to save Sasha from hurting her friends and family due to Lilith's bloodthirsty desires.
That’s why, looking back, it’s important to recognize which of Sasha’s many Chambers problems were Becky-based and which were actually to blame on Lilith. Becky wasn’t purposefully controlling Sasha throughout the series. Instead, Becky was essentially trapped “in a weird limbo,” as Rose puts it, due to the Annex’s initial rituals. When Sasha would slip into Becky’s memories — or her voice, or her hair color — it was an accidental side effect of Chambers’ magic.
On the other hand, Sasha’s more violent outbursts had nothing to do with Becky’s spirit. When Sasha begins chopping the tails off of mice with third episode “Bad Inside,” that was Lilith’s bad influence. She also made Becky do the same before the events of Chambers. As you can see in flashbacks throughout the series, Becky is horrified and confused by her actions. Hence her journal scribbles trying to understand the initial mask-heavy ritual, which we learn about in full with “Heroic Dose.”
Similarly, when Sasha tosses best friend Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) into the street in “Trauma Bonding,” Becky isn’t at fault. Yes, even though Becky also put her own loved one, twin brother Elliot LeFevre (Nicholas Galitzine), in a comparable life-threatening situation. Again, Yvonne's near-death experience was caused by Lilith’s passion for inciting chaos and violence.
This is why Rose is happy Sasha’s final confrontation with Becky, where she suffocates her to death in “Crystal Organ,” wasn’t even more violent. “How do you kill someone with mercy? That’s not an easy thing to do. So we ended up on the pillow,” the 18-year-old actress explains, saying the Chambers crew considered many possible scenarios during production. “The way I chose to play Sasha during that whole scene was, “She doesn’t want to do that.” But she really has to … I’m not trying to cold-blood murder this girl I have a bunch of sympathy for.”
After the suffocation, Becky officially dies, which is signified by her figure disappearing from the amniotic fluid-like representation of hers and Sasha’s shared heart. Then, Chambers gives viewers a small flash-forward. Just enough time passes for us to know Sasha is happy and spook-free, although her uncle Big Frank (Marcus LaVoi) is in jail. In an effort to reignite the series' tension, Ruth (Lili Taylor) from the Annex shows up at the Yazzie house with a giant flock of believers to reveal the truth: Sasha is possessed by Lilith, and she could hypothetically save the world through the being’s “divine feminine.” Now that Becky is out of the way, Sasha’s abilities are limitless.
Sasha is the vessel the Annex was looking for, according to Ruth. Becky was simply the wrong choice, which led to the mouse murdering and brother stabbing. Apparently, Ruth doesn’t know Sasha has been experiencing many of the same violent spasms. So, she wants Sasha to embrace her powers through Lilith. Although Sasha refuses Ruth’s recommendation — and Ruth’s cult-y husband Evan’s (Matthew Rauch) rude demands — Lilith still takes over her vessel’s body, knocking out every man in the Annex crowd.
“Yes. The men got knocked out. But, [Sasha's] not embracing her powers. Lilith is just a biased misandrist,” Rose assures viewers with a laugh. “She’s evil and wanted to scare everybody. She said, ‘I’m gonna take down the big guys.’”
In a world without Becky, we’re going to have to see if someone as “tender” as Sasha, to use Rose’s words, can stand up to Lilith in a potential Chambers season 2. The current prospects aren't promising.

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