This Is How & Why Becky Really Died On Chambers

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This post contains spoilers about Chambers.
What evil lurks in the heart of a teenage girl? In the case of Chambers' Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra Rose), that evil is named Becky LeFevre (Lilliya Reid), and she's seemingly out for blood. Discovering how Becky died in the new Netflix show, however, reveals a lot more about where this so-called "evil" really comes from.
We learn in episode 1 of Chambers that Sasha is the recipient of Becky's heart, and though the organ saved Sasha's life, it also turned it into a nightmare. After receiving the new organ, Sasha begins having strange visions, and acting out in violent, disturbing ways — such as, um, hacking off the tail of her poor mouse friend.
Sasha thinks learning how Becky died might provide clues on how to stop this insanity from taking over her life. The LeFevre family — Ben (Tony Goldwyn), Nancy (Uma Thurman), and Elliott (Nicholas Galitzine) — claims that a radio fell in the tub while she was taking a shower, electrocuting her to death. Due to her strange visions, which turn out to be Becky's memories, Sasha believes that this is a lie, and that Becky's death was not an accident at all, but a murder.
Sasha is half right. Becky's death was no accident. The night she died, Becky stopped up the drain in her bathtub, and electrocuted herself with the radio on purpose. Throughout the season, viewers learn more and more about reasoning and catalyst behind her actions — which is where the real darkness lies.
As we learn in the series, Becky was chosen by New Age-y cult "the Annex" as a vessel for a special entity. Becky's school counselor/"life coach" Jones (Michael Stahl-David) is the one who helped orchestrate the ceremony, which involved cult members in super creepy masks and a cloud of black, evil smoke.
The ceremony, we learn later, put the demon Lilith inside of Becky, so that she could become an all-powerful being and "heal the world." As biblical myth goes, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who chose to become a demon rather than be subservient to her husband. (Good for her!)
Despite the kind of awesome feminist ideology of this demon, Lilith is also pretty darn evil, and made Becky do a slew of bad things, like burn Penelope (Lilli Kay) in a steam room and stab her twin brother Elliott. Ultimately, Becky was terrified that she couldn't control what Lilith did with her body, and decided to end her life in order to protect those around her.
How much "bad" was Lilith and how much Becky is up for debate. Lilith probably didn't make Becky sleep with the boyfriend of best friend Marnie (Sarah Mezzanotte). However, at the end of the day, Becky sacrificed herself to protect the people around her — it's the very reason she died.
Will Sasha find a new path to ridding Lilith from her body — or will she learn to love the demon inside her? We'll have to wait for a (hopefully happening) season 2 of Chambers to find out.
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