Will There Be A Season 2 Of Chambers?

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Warning: The following posts contains spoilers for the Netflix show Chambers.
The end scene of the chilling 10-episode season 1 of Chambers, out on Netflix April 26, opens a Pandora's Box of new plotlines.
Finally, after enduring weeks of hauntings and strange interactions with the Arizonan elite who spend their fortunes on crystals, Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra Rose) finally understands what really happened to her when she got Becky LeFevre's (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) heart. That organ has strings attached, and the strings are a cult.
The implications for Sasha's discovery will have major implications for season 2 of Chambers, should Netflix renew the show.

First of all, do we need a season 2 of Chambers?

After that cliffhanger? Of course! The finale opens up a portal to Lilith as well as countless questions. What is the Annex Society? What are its members' end goals? Will Big Frank (Marcus LaVoi) get out of jail?

What would season 2 of Chambers be about?

Lilith, baby! As we learn, Sasha had been fighting the wrong enemy all along. Becky had actually been protecting Sasha from the greater (and ancient) danger. While Becky was alive, the Annex Society turned her into a "vessel" for the spirit of Lilith, who, according to medieval Jewish tradition, was the first woman God created before Eve. In turn, Lilith was transported to Sasha's body.
"Now that Becky's not interfering, Lilith can inhabit you completely," Ruth (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) of the Annex Society says. "You have proven yourself worthy."
Essentially, Sasha is inhabited by a fierce she-demon. If Sasha gives in to Lilith, she'll gain real her powers — in fact, she's already exhibiting those powers. Her transplant scar magically heals. After refusing to go along with the Annex Society, Sasha causes some people in the crowd to faint.
Clearly, Sasha can change the world. But will Lilith just be using Sasha to further her own dastardly ends, or can Sasha channel her powers independently? And, just as pressing, if Sasha is a sexy demon now, what does this mean for her relationship with dear sweet TJ Locklear (Griffin Powell-Arcand)?

So, expect more about Lilith and the Annex Society in future seasons.

Lilith is a complicated figure. On the one hand, she's a demon. But she's also a symbol for freedom, for darkness, for sensuality.
The first mention of Lilith arose in ancient Babylonian texts — the "Lilith" was a class of female winged demons that attacked young children. The myth traveled to ancient Anatolia, Syria, Israel, Egypt and Greece. During the Middle Ages, Lilith was incorporated into the Bible. According to the Jewish tradition, Lilith was the original woman, created before Eve. Lilith refused to submit to Adam's commands and left the Garden herself. Since her self-imposed exile, Lilith has spent her days hunting down and seducing men, then sucking out their souls with a kiss.
The figure of Lilith has been interpreted in pop culture before, like in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and True Blood. In an interview with Refinery29, Rose explains Lilith's place in Chambers specifically. "Lilith is just a biased misandrist. She’s fucking evil, trust me. She’s evil and wanted to scare everybody. She said, ‘I’m gonna take down the big guys.’" Rose said.
Historically, there was a cult devoted to Lilith until the 7th century CE. Likely, the Annex Society is modeled off those cults. They seek to channel Lilith's energy. Though it takes us (and Sasha) a long time to realize their end goals.
"From Sasha’s point of view, the Annex is just a weird foundation. She doesn’t really know too much about who’s conspiring behind all of this. So she’s very blind to the Annex’s cult-ish ways," Rose said. "I feel like cult isn’t even good enough for what they are. They’re not just a cult. There’s something deeper."

When will season 2 come out?

Obviously, a second season of Chambers hasn't been confirmed. We don't know what goes into the logic behind Netflix's show renewals (though it's certainly not justice – looking at you, One Day at a Time).
In the past, Netflix has renewed shows under various timelines. Elite's season 2 confirmation was particularly speedy, arriving just two weeks after the show's first season premiere. The second season of Sex Education was also confirmed within a month. It took Netflix until February to confirm The Haunting of Hill House, which came out in October 2018, would be coming back.
Typically, new seasons of Netflix show come out a year after the prior season. So don't expect new episodes of Chambers until 2020.

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