What You Need To Know About Lilith & Lucifer In Sabrina Season 2

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Warning: Mild spoilers from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are ahead.
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a fictional show based on comic books, sure. But also, its mythology does not come only from the minds of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and company. While the Netflix show isn't exactly a Biblical tale, season 2 of Sabrina introduced the tale of Lilith by revealing Ms. Wardwell's real identity.
So, knowing the stories about characters like Lilith and Lucifer outside of the world of Greendale might shed some light on their motivations in the CAOS universe — or, at the very least, it's makes everything a bit more interesting.

The Chilling Adventures of Lilith

When we learned the true identity of Mary Wardwell's (Michelle Gomez) possessor, she sums up her identity like this: "I'm the Mother of Demons, the Dawn of Doom, Satan's concubine. I'm Lilith, dear boy. First wife to Adam, saved from despair by a fallen angel."
That's not the version of Lilith that exists in the Bible. There, she's only mentioned once, as a demon wandering in the wilderness. But she does show up elsewhere, first in ancient Sumerian (the earliest civilization in Mesopotamia) and then in some other Jewish texts, according to Rabbi Jill Hammer. Most of the time, she's a kind of bogeywoman who will either seduce men who sleep alone in a house (to impregnate herself with demon babies, of course) or kill infants. Pure evil, right?
Then there are the Jewish texts that tell the story of Lilith as the first woman, created from the earth at the same time as Adam. This marriage doesn't work out so well when Adam insists on missionary all the time and Lilith thinks that's not fair because they're both equal and sometimes she wants to be on top. (Seriously, this is a religious text, guys. Everyone else has been doing religion wrong.) She leaves him, and when he begs for God's help, he sends angels to ask her but not force her to return. She's like, no thanks, even when they threaten her, and eventually they reach a deal where she gets to weaken human babies but not ones that have special amulets, while they get to kill one of every hundred of her demon babies. That last part sounds like a plot to sell jewelry to new mothers.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Sabrina and Nicholas Scratch as Lilith and Lucifer.

Lucifer the Mistranslated

It's actually pretty funny that the Church of Night calls Satan Lucifer Morningstar, because Biblical scholars say that the name Lucifer wasn't actually a proper name but a translation of "morning star," a.k.a. Venus when it can be seen from Earth in the morning (and I suppose looks like something falling out of the heavens). The general gist of the Bible stories about Lucifer is that God created Lucifer a little too perfectly. He became so in love with himself that he wanted even more power than God, which is why God then decided to toss him out of heaven.

So How Do Lilith & Lucifer Affect CAOS?

Lilith tells Sabrina that she met Lucifer right when he fell from heaven and some time after she'd left Adam. The Bible is funny about time (the world made in seven days and all that), so you can't really tell if the show's story matches up with the Bible's version. At any rate, the show eventually eludes to Lilith and Satan getting it on. Some medieval Jewish texts speak of the marriage of Lilith and Samael, one of the Hebrew names for the prince of demons or the devil.
Warning: This is where the spoilers start.
Did that relationship go south, like it did on the show? It doesn't appear that any religious writing concerned itself with their fate as a couple. That means, sadly, the trail goes cold on whether Lucifer ever made Lilith his queen of Hell, or if she had to snatch the crown for herself, just like she does in the second season finale of CAOS.
Now that she is the reigning ruler of the underworld, maybe the show's creators will have to search for other mythological source material for the seasons to come. Or they can make up completely new ones. I'm sure we won't mind.

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