Avengers Fans, Stop What You're Doing & Google "Thanos" Right Now

PHoto: Courtesy of Marvel Pictures.
Avengers: Endgame is finally upon us, and Google is serving up a little Easter egg in celebration. To unearth said egg, Google "Thanos." You will see the gauntlet of the mad titan on the right-hand panel of the screen. Click it, turn on your sound, and watch your computer get hijacked by Thanos doing what he does best — snapping his fingers and then wiping out 50% of everything. Only this time, it's the search results that literally dissolve before your eyes. Watch and be amazed as the result total shrinks from 97,000,000 to 48,500,000 in a second with some really cinematic sound effects in the background to set the mood.
Click the gauntlet again, and all the search results return anew. Phew. This trick works on mobile and desktop, though the desktop interface is more impressive. It is a phenomenon that has captivated Twitter the world over.
Google reigns supreme when it comes to Easter eggs — from the Google Home Stranger Things integration to the search engine's "play snake" hidden functionality. So who knows — there might even be more Endgame eggs up Google's sleeve. If you find them, please comment on them below, because I love Easter eggs so very much.

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