Get In, Mean Girls Fans, We're Going Streaming

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The teen movie of the millennium, Mean Girls, is turning 15 on Tuesday. That means it’s officially a sophomore at North Shore High and definitely sitting with the JV jocks, but looking wistfully over at the sexually active band geeks, wishing it could find love (or at least a good Halloween party make-out). Well, it may just be in luck, because thanks to the power of the internet, it looks like you’ve got a date with Mean Girls in your near future.
In a totally not fetch move, the movie left Netflix last year, which means you’ll need to venture beyond the comforts of Netflix-and-chill to watch The Plastics strut through the halls of high school. If your dad is the inventor of toaster strudel and has that sweet, sweet DirecTV login (starting at $35/month), you can stream it directly on their website.
Alternatively, if you’re a Game of Thrones stan (does this make you an art freak, aka the best people you’ll ever meet?), you can watch it anytime on HBO (GO or NOW) or on the HBO add-on on Hulu ($14.99/month) — both of which offer free trials.
If you’re a Regina and totally can’t commit (we see you in the projection booth above the auditorium), you can rent Mean Girls from Amazon Prime ($2.99), YouTube ($2.99), Vudu ($3.99), iTunes ($3.99), and Google Play ($2.99).
Before Tuesday, make sure you’re fully caught up on all your Mean Girls speak. Start dreaming up some Burn Book entries, put your meanest, girliest face on, and get prepped to tell Aaron Samuels his hair looks sexy pushed back. Make sure you learn all the songs from the Mean Girls musical, and don’t forget to catch up on the deleted scenes. If you’re a true diehard, you might want to print out the drinking game and throw a "Halloween in April" party — obviously, you'll need to dress up as a “Mouse, Duh.”
Have an excellent Mean Girls–iversary — just remember, if somebody tells you the watching party is in the back building, they’re definitely lying to you, but at least they’ll guide you through the jungle that is high school.

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