The Trailer For Chambers, Netflix's Chilling New Drama, Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

PHoto: Courtesy of NEtflix.
What darkness lies in the heart of man? That quote gets really literal in Netflix's upcoming series Chambers, and trust: This show will Mess. You. Up.
The new series — which stars Uma Thurman and Scandal's Tony Goldwyn — is about teenager Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) who receives a heart transplant after a surprise heart attack. Though the new organ saved her life, things start to get weird when Sasha begins to experience strange visions and memories that don't belong to her.
It's more than just visions: The new trailer suggests that Sasha's new heart may be affecting her personality as well. Why else would she so callously slice the tail off a mouse, with the very same knife she's using to cut up hot dogs?
To further complicate matters, the parents of donor Becky (Lilliya Reid) may be involved in some weird culty shit — which Sasha can't avoid once they gift her a scholarship to a fancy, new age-y high school.
"It's just so weird that someone had to die for me to live," says Sasha in the new trailer, which is the understatement of the century. Once Becky, with Billie Eilish-like black liquid oozing from her mouth, appears in the middle of a gymnasium, you know this show is not playing around.
Like a supernatural version of 13 Reasons Why or The OA, Chambers is, according to a statement from creator Leah Rachel, all about how we "metabolize trauma." However, Rachel warns that the show devolves into something "more effed up than you were expecting."
Watch with the lights on.
Check out the trailer for Chambers below:
Chambers hits Netflix April 26.

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