All The Juiciest Bold Type Season 3 Spoilers — Straight From The Set

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“If season 2 is the growing up season, then season 3 is the ‘I’m living with my decisions season,’” The Bold Type’s Meghann Fahy forecasts from the Montreal set of her cult favorite Freeform dramedy. Sutton Brady’s portrayer is sitting in the series’ now-iconic fashion closet/clubhouse in between takes of filming the seventh and eighth episodes of season 3, which premieres Tuesday, April 9.
While Fahy’s co-star Aisha Dee — whom you may know as Kat Edison — is “so upset” to realize the Bold Type crew is careening towards wrapping up its 10-episode third season, there is a silver lining here. Since the cast is nearly 80% done with the magazine saga’s 2019 batch of episodes, they can really dish about what to expect from season 3.
Jane Sloan’s (Katie Stevens) love triangle saga? They know if Dr. Ben Chau (Luca James Lee) or Ryan “Pinstripe” Decker (Dan Jeannotte) comes out on top. Kat’s painful breakup with Adena El Amin (Nikohl Boosheri)? They spill about the aftermath. What about Sutton of Richard Hunter’s (Sam Page) fairytale romance? They know everything, and it might not be so perfect after all.
Keep reading to find out what the Bold Type cast said about all these little mysteries and more ahead of the series’ heralded return.

Who does Jane choose — and what does it mean for season 3?

While the Bold Type crew couldn’t spill that piping hot tea directly, we do know whatever relationship Jane chooses is thriving. “It’s still going,” Katie Stevens promises. “One of her overall arcs [this season] is what a real millennial relationship looks like for two people who are really committed to their jobs. And, what it looks like when one person is successful versus the other one, or when they’re both successful at the same time. Right now, the episodes we're on, we’re processing through that.”
At least it sounds like Jane’s loved ones are supportive of the relationship. As Aisha Dee says, “I think Kat’s all for [her friend’s] relationships because I feel very blessed that a lot of my friends have found soulmates who are really good for them and helped them grow … She’s down for whatever makes you happy, boo.”

...Is Kat a politician now?

If you pay close attention to The Bold Type’s season 3 trailer you’ll notice Kat announces she’s running for city council (there’s an on-set fridge decoration to prove it in Kat’s apartment). Her portrayer couldn’t be happier. “We’re going to see Kat get more involved in local politics,” Dee says, predicting we’ll see her character use her opinions for “good.”
“I think — or I hope — a lot of people watching the show will be inspired by that. To get involved however you can. Whether that means running for office or just going out and actually voting in primaries.”

What does the Kadena breakup mean for Kat?

“We’re gonna see [the breakup] come back up again and explore it in a different way,” Dee teased. “When you fall out of love with someone else, you kind of have to rediscover the love for yourself first. So we’re going to get to see that.”
Yet, we shouldn't expect to see Kat mourning her first true love story forever. “Yeah, we’re gonna see a new romance. That’s actually very exciting, and I think people are going to really love it. Because I know I do.” It’s no surprise Dee “loves” the new possible ship, since she had a hand in creating it. “We all collaborated on who this character was going to be,” she reveals.

Is Sutton’s life perfect at this point?

If anyone got a magical season 2 ending, it’s Sutton Brady. She went to Paris, lived her career dreams, and got the guy, who happens to be extremely handsome, wealthy, and crazy about her. However, that means Miss Brady simply has new mountains to climb.
“She’s like, ‘Okay, cool, so now I’m an assistant. I don’t want to be an assistant for the rest of my life. What do I want to do?,’ Meghann Fahy says. “Does she want to be Oliver when she grows up? Does she want to do something else?”
While Sutton will have new official boyfriend Richard (Sam Page) there to support her, it sounds like he’ll be going through his own struggles this season. “What we are going to be seeing is how [their relationship] affects Richard. Sutton has spent a lot of time contemplating how it could affect her in all of the negative ways. Richard didn’t because he never had to think about it,” Fahy says. “We get to see that play out.”

Does Jane’s BRCA diagnosis and fertility story return?

“We touched so heavily on Jane’s BRACA in season 2. So now in season 3, we do touch on it, but it’s not in every episode,” Katie Stevens explains. “You’ll see them deal with it in the second episode. I think Jane has her wall up in terms of that.”

What’s going on at Scarlet?

Bold Type season 3 ends on a tense note, with Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin) publishing Jane’s takedown of the misogynistic health insurance provided to Scarlet employees. By the end of the episode, the board is looking to find her replacement. The season 3 trailer shows a new editor joining the Scarlet team. Melora Hardin, who brings Jacqueline to life, doesn’t sound too worried.
“Jacqueline made the choice to get that article written, and now she’s dealing with those repercussions and those consequences and that’s going to dictate the moves she makes in season 3,” Hardin says. “[But] I think Scarlet really isn’t Scarlet without Jacqueline.”
We can still expect to see Jane as loyal to Jacqueline as ever. “In season 2 we started seeing Jane own herself and be confident in herself and her ideas and bringing those to Jacqueline. She kind of stopped seeking her approval and instead starting seeking respect for herself,” Stevens explained. “Moving forward in season 3, you’re going to see that continue and see them more as allies and working together on things.”

Alex & Oliver are the best — what’s going on with them?

So much. “[Alex is] going to be going further down the rabbit hole of examining the #MeToo movement this season from a man’s perspective,” Alex’s portrayer Matt Ward teases. While Ward says describing Alex’s season 3 relationship with former hookup Sutton is “really tough,” he promises we’ll see a “deepened relationship” between his journalist and both Jane and Kat — “even more so with Kat” than anyone else.
Oliver will also be deepening his relationship with one of the Bold Type women, and of course it will be Sutton. “You’ll get to see a peek [into his life]. Not the whole Wizard Of Oz revealing, but you do get to see a peek,” Stephen Conrad Moore, who plays Oliver Grayson, says. “I would say she comes through for him in ways he didn’t expect. Gives him some advice. Is there for him.”
Meghann Fahy is even more emotional about this growing friendship. “Woo, the tears are so real. I love the Sutton-Oliver relationship more than I love, like, anything,” she says. “In season 3, we actually get to see Sutton share life experience with Oliver. He sees her as someone whom he respects on a personal level. He’s like, ‘Oh. Shit.’”

Will there be more Black People Snack Time?

Let’s ask Aisha Dee: “Lord. Oliver, this is the memo! It’s snack time. Come meet us!”

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