Jane Sloan Herself Breaks Down The Bold Type Finale’s Love Triangle Cliffhanger

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After slogging through a summer of abject darkness, The Bold Type’s Tuesday night season 2 finale “We’ll Always Have Paris” may come as a surprise. Not only is the Freeform season-ender shockingly settled — no avenging handmaids running off to who knows where here — it’s also hopeful.
Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) and board member boyfriend Richard Hunter (Sam Page) are officially a public couple. Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) may have entered a bizarre period of “space” with estranged girlfriend Adena El Amin (Nikohl Boosheri), but that doesn’t matter since Kat is heading into a bright future with BFFs Sutton and Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens). Jane, who found herself in an unquestionable love triangle with last week’s “Trippin,” settles on one of her very right-swipeable suitors: new boyfriend-slash-dreamboat doctor Ben Chau (Aussie actor Luca James Lee) or former flame “Pinstripe” (Dan Jeannotte), whose real name is Ryan Decker, people.
Although Jane’s final romantic choice is the ultimate cliffhanger — Ben or Pinstripe? Pinstripe or Ben? They both offer a solution for Jane’s expensive fertility crisis — we can confirm the Scarlet writer has made a choice, and it’s one she’ll be very, very pleased about. In fact, the world of Bold Type season 3 sounds pretty damn optimistic all around. Just ask Tiny Jane herself, Bold Type star Katie Stevens.
“I’m excited because my character is really happy,” Stevens told Refinery29 of the Freeform series’ upcoming season, which the actress started filming in Montreal last month. Can she confirm Jane is happy over officially settling on either Ben or Pinstripe? “I’d say so,” Stevens agreed coyly.

“How does she move forward with the person she’s chosen? How does she move forward with freezing her eggs? ”

Katie Stevens
While Stevens couldn’t comment on which of these guys actually wins Jane’s heart, she does make solid cases for both men. “That relationship was really great to explore because in season 1 we got to see Jane talk about how she wanted monogamy and she wanted to find somebody,” Stevens explained of Doctor Ben, a man who is so unflappably good he spends the finale offering to create a fake, elaborate domestic partnership with Jane just to let her do free fertility treatments at his hospital. “I liked how symbolic it was, that in a time where Jane felt like everything was spiraling, she found somebody who was so stable.”
If you’re noticing Stevens used the word “was” to talk about Ben, don’t assume that’s a clue as to who the love triangle victor is. The former American Idol contestant spoke about Pinstripe with the same amount of finality. “It was nice that it wasn’t just them being friends because that doesn’t really make sense,” Stevens said about Janestripe’s late-in-the-season turn from platonic pals to a true romantic possibility. That's why the TV journalist added she was “absolutely” glad to see these two crazy kids talking about their feelings again.
“It was nice to come back and see Pinstripe finally sticking up for what he wants,” Stevens continued, pointing out that Janestripe’s season 1 split in “Three Girls In A Tub” had been an abrupt all-Jane idea. “I had always not had closure about that scene where Jane is like, ‘I’m breaking up with you because you don’t want to be in a relationship,’ where he’s like, ‘What?’.
Whichever way that “closure” influences Jane’s season 3 life — by either allowing her to leave Janestripe behind for good or recognizing Ryan is The One — we should expect to see the writer in control whenever The Bold Type returns. “How does she move forward with the person she’s chosen? How does she move forward with freezing her eggs? ,” Stevens asked when detailing the looming big questions for Jane. “I feel like season 2 was Jane getting over asking for permission, and now I want to see her doing things without asking in season 3.”
Speaking of not asking for permission, Stevens dropped a few breadcrumbs about the fate of Jane’s editor Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin), who ruffled Scarlet’s board’s feathers by publishing Jane’s investigation into her own company’s health care policies. Jacqueline did not ask for permission. “I can tease I still have scenes with her,” Stevens confirmed of her beloved on-screen boss. “Whether those are in the office or not I won’t say.”
Although Stevens wasn’t allowed to say very much about Jacqueline, the same can’t be said for the fate of fan-favorite couple Kadena, who end season 2 in murky waters. “We don’t know they’re going to not be together. But, in order for Kat to know Adena is the right person for her, she needs to explore,” Stevens said, reminding everyone Kadena is Kat’s very first, and currently only, relationship with a woman.
“It’s so easy when we watch shows to be like, ‘No! Our people have to stay together!’ But it’s like ‘Is that really an interesting show for you to watch? Not really.’ You can’t really sit and watch all your favorite characters just play house,” she continued. “What I would ask fans is to be patient and enjoy Kat going through her process because it’ll be worth it for them.”
After the rollercoaster of emotions, and massive “Paris” pay off, the Bold Type writers took us on for Sutton and Richard’s love story, we should probably listen to Katie Stevens.
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