The Saddest Game Of Thrones Deaths Ever Will Prep Your Tear Ducts For Season 8

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
If there’s one thing George R. R. Martin knows how to do well, it’s kill off our favorite Game of Thrones characters in the most brutal, heartbreaking (shocking, totally unfair) ways. For seven seasons, we’ve had to say goodbye time and time again to characters that meant so much to not only Westeros and the apparent center of the entire show (ahem, Ned), but our Thrones-addicted hearts. And somehow, we never seem to learn our lesson because here we go again.
As the final season of Game of Thrones approaches, we know we’re going to have to say goodbye to more of our favorite characters, but we’re not ready. We’ll never be ready. To prepare for the countless new deaths we’ll have to endure in Season 8, let’s take a look back on the saddest Game of Thrones deaths ever.
If you're like us, a few of these probably escaped your memory, which means you should probably have a few tissues handy. Sure, Valar Morghulis, and all, but do you have to break our hearts every fifteen minutes, too?
Spoilers ahead, obviously.

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