Every Major Game of Thrones Death Has Followed This Incredible Pattern

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So many characters in Game of Thrones have died, it's hard to keep track of them all. Scrolling through our round-up of everyone who's met their bloody end on the show reminds us of someone we still mourn (ugh, Margaery, you deserved so much better).
A Reddit theory has surfaced, and it explains that a lot of these deaths have one simple thing in common: They all died how they lived. Specifically, their deaths mirror their most notorious actions on the show.
For example, as the Reddit post explains, "Olenna Tyrell killed Joffrey with poison; she was executed with poison," "Lysa Arryn loved throwing people through the Moon Door; she was shoved through the Moon Door," and my personal favorite: "Ned Stark used his greatsword Ice to behead the Night's Watchman; he was beheaded with his own sword."
We can't believe we didn't see this before. It makes so much sense. In fact, the pattern is so predictable that in hindsight, it makes some characters' deaths feel less shocking. Of course Tywin Lannister was going to die by crossbow: The band playing "Rains of Castamere" shot into the crowd with crossbows during the Red Wedding, which Tywin helped orchestrate.
To be fair, this list is by no means comprehensive. Plenty of characters have died unceremoniously. Khal Drogo was humanely smothered after he was resurrected into a vegetative state, Barristan Selmy was felled in battle, and King Robert was killed by, of all things, a wild boar during a hunting trip. Even in Westeros, death can be just as mundane as in our world.
Still, this does not bode well for the few characters left alive. Will Daenerys die by dragon fire? Will Tyrion also be shot by a crossbow? Will the Faceless Men finally catch up to Arya, and assassinate her as a gift to the Many-Faced God? The absolute last thing this show needs is more beloved characters dying. Someone needs to stay alive to battle the zombie army.
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