Every Indie Pop Song In Netflix’s The Perfect Date Is Like A Teenage Dream

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The internet’s favorite boyfriend Noah Centineo is back being his charming self in Netflix’s The Perfect Date. Well, a lot of his charming selves since this rom-com has him trying to be the man of every teen girl’s dreams. It’s all thanks to his app that lets the women customize the perfect date with the perfect man for a good cause, his college fund. Even better, these teenage dreams will be filled with good tunes. The soundtrack for The Perfect Date is all the synth-heavy indie pop that will make your next dance the best one. Well, at least until the next song starts playing.
This soundtrack’s vibe is very tastemakery with electro DJs, under the radar pop stars, and more synth-heavy duos than one could ever imagine. The Perfect Date’s music cues are filled with bands that you’ve possibly never heard of before so, as Centineo’s Brooks Ratigan points out, you have to assume that means they’re very, very cool. Obviously, if you do know them, you’re pretty cool, too. It’s a given.
Now, if we’re sticking with his very sound logic then it’s quite possible the Perfect Date’s soundtrack will be the coolest thing you’ve ever heard. Don’t believe us? Start clicking through this slideshow so you can update your playlists accordingly.
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Yuno, “No Going Back”

After being told his college essay doesn’t cut the mustard, Brooks (Noah Centineo) is subsequently denied a chance to drive his dream car. But as Yuno says on his 2018 debut EP Moodie, there’s no going back, just moving forward. No fancy sports car required.
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Nada Funk & UnoMas, “What’s On Your Mind (UnoMas Remix)”

To get himself pumped up for this fake date that he’s being generously compensated for he’s pumping up the tunes. Specifically, the 2016 track from this French DJ that will get you fist pumping in no time.
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De Lux, “Better At Making Time”

Brooks and Celia Lieberman (Laura Marano) might not have been on time for her school dance, but they did have some killer entrance music courtesy of this L.A.-based disco-not-disco duo. It’s also the perfect music for hitting the hardwood and pulling out some Chandler Bing moves.
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Hollovvs, “Fresh Hollows”

For Brooks and Celia’s first slow dance it’s this Mazzy Star-channeling bop from this L.A. band that will fade into a romantic moment that rivals anything Molly Ringwald experienced in high school. That is until Brooks spots Shelby (Camila Mendes) doing what it is teens do at dances now – take photos for their Insta, ofc.
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DVBBS & CMC$ feat. Gia Koka, “Not Going Home”

Brooks and Celia, now nursing a twisted ankle thanks to his dancing, might not be going home just yet, but they’re certainly not going to Shelby’s intimate afterparty either. Still, this 2017 track from the Canadian duo and the Dutch DJ definitely sets the mood for the love triangle that is so clearly forming. Chalk that up to the Polish singer’s fresh vocals about needing someone to dance with.
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Roosevelt, “Yr Love”

It’s clear, as Celia points out, that Brooks has a knack for making rich girls without a date to schools dance feel special. He also has a knack for finding the perfect car jams like this one from the German singer’s 2018 album, Young Romance.
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Huxley Ware & Ships, “Too Much”

We all have our music to boost our creativity for Murph (Odiseas Georgiadis) it’s apparently this 2017 track that gets the brain juices flowing.
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The Killers, “The Man”

After his app goes legit with a little Reddit bragging, he’s whatever man you want him to be. Women can customize everything about him down to his personality, which includes art connoisseur, tennis pro, dating coach, and a man with a yee-haw agenda. And yes, using this cheeky 2o17 track from The Killers feels like the right vibe for this makeover montage.
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Bülow, “Not A Love Song”

German pop star Megan Bülow’s 2017 track might end up being one, though, since it’s the first song Brooks and Celia hear when they head into Shelby’s house party, which happens to look a lot like a place Bruce Wayne might want to hang out in.
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La Poré, “Missing It”

While Brooks and Celia enjoy the Ben & Jerry’s that came from the separate freezer Shelby’s family has for their ice cream — Celia’s flavor of choice is plain ol’ VANILLA, which she swears is actually very nuanced – you can enjoy this Cleveland, Ohio native’s 2018 dance-pop, which is the most nuanced of vanilla. We’ll go as far to say La Poré, real name Nick Samson, is French vanilla. Ooh la la, indeed.
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Generationals, “Black Lemon”

And the student becomes the teacher. Celia gets Brooks a meeting with the dean of Yale. She also becomes the DJ playing this 2014 track from the Georgia new wave duo on their road trip to New Haven.
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Helena Deland, “Claudion”

The sweet vocals of this Montreal chanteuse offer the perfect background music for Celia getting real about who she is, someone who’s too scared to show people who she is. Yeah, deep, which is just what this 2018 song inspired by an acid trip is.
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Yuno, “Sunlight”

For Celia and Brooks’ big breakup, she decides to change things up a little, wardrobe-wise. “Dressed to kill,” Celia tells a pre-occupied Brooks in her sparkly mini and high heels, “you know, to kill our fake love.” But the Perfect Date music supervisor only changed things up slightly by including another song from Yuno. This time it’s the 2012 track about wanting to run away with the one you love.
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Classixx, “A Stranger Love”

For their very public breakup, which might be the only one to include a George Costanza quote, it’s this dance song from this electro duo from L.A. that helps them get in the groove. Even if Celia isn’t all that interested in breaking up this fake relationship after all.
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Pale Blue, “The Past We Leave Behind”

This synth-laden 2015 track from former Italians Do It Better producer Mike Simonetti plays as Brooks and Shelby have their first kiss, mere minutes after he ditched his ex (kind of) girlfriend Celia with a breakup that was a little too real for her liking. And honestly, ours, too.
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Fann & Dave Audé, “Shiny Things”

A different formal with a different girl needs a different song. This time Brooks walks in with Shelby to the sounds of this snappy 2018 track from the Nashville singer and the electro DJ, which is the perfect song for Celia to once again show off her bad dancing skills. Let’s just say, Chandler would be proud.
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Future Generations, “Stars”

What is the perfect song for that special moment when your date asks you if you’re a male gigolo? Well, apparently it’s this track off Future Generations’ self-titled 2014 debut. And for the record, Brooks isn’t, he’s a chaperone, which is totally different, obvi.
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Samvel, “Sunrise”

Brooks’ apology texts get a soundtrack all their own thanks to this 2019 electro track.
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George FitzGerald & Lil Silva, “Roll Back”

Turns out, it’s not really Yale that he wanted acceptance from but Celia. His application essay is almost good as the 2018 song from the German producer and the English singer. Almost.
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Classixx feat. Panama, “A Mountain With No Ending”

Who cares about a mountain when Celia and Brooks get to have their happy ending and another dance at ANOTHER formal to ANOTHER electro track.
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Electric Youth, “Before Life”

Surprise, surprise, it’s this moody instrumental slow jam off the Canadian synth-pop duo’s 2014 album, Innerworld, that helps Celia and Brooks realize that they are a perfect match. No app required.
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VHS Collection, “Lean”

No surprise, the perfect date involves a dance to, what else, an indie synth-pop song. This time, though it’s one off this NYC band’s 2015 self-titled album.

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