Every Indie Pop Song In Netflix’s The Perfect Date Is Like A Teenage Dream

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
The internet’s favorite boyfriend Noah Centineo is back being his charming self in Netflix’s The Perfect Date. Well, a lot of his charming selves since this rom-com has him trying to be the man of every teen girl’s dreams. It’s all thanks to his app that lets the women customize the perfect date with the perfect man for a good cause, his college fund. Even better, these teenage dreams will be filled with good tunes. The soundtrack for The Perfect Date is all the synth-heavy indie pop that will make your next dance the best one. Well, at least until the next song starts playing.
This soundtrack’s vibe is very tastemakery with electro DJs, under the radar pop stars, and more synth-heavy duos than one could ever imagine. The Perfect Date’s music cues are filled with bands that you’ve possibly never heard of before so, as Centineo’s Brooks Ratigan points out, you have to assume that means they’re very, very cool. Obviously, if you do know them, you’re pretty cool, too. It’s a given.
Now, if we’re sticking with his very sound logic then it’s quite possible the Perfect Date’s soundtrack will be the coolest thing you’ve ever heard. Don’t believe us? Start clicking through this slideshow so you can update your playlists accordingly.

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