Is Zac Efron Camping Or Glamping In His New YouTube Series? An Investigation

Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.
Zac Efron would like you to know that he has started a YouTube channel. The former teen heartthrob is launching a new platform to share his thoughts on everything from “nutrition” to “sneak peeks inside” his life. For the first episode in his “Off The Grid” travel series, Efron and his brother decided to camp out on Lake Mohave. Don’t dismiss his bonafides, Efron is a noted outdoors enthusiast and, in his first video, he’s taking us along.
Doling out truisms, he encourages his followers to “step out of your comfort zone,” because it “helps you grow as a person.” But his take on personal growth seems to include bringing a ton of gear for a camping trip. Fellow actor Dominic DeVore, who joined the Efron brothers on the trip, joked that he packed enough clothes for a year in the video’s opening, and I thought that would be a joke — reader, it was not. Later, we see just how much stuff they bring with piles of duffel bags and giant plastic containers strewn all over the shore.
Yes, I said shore. They set up camp right on the lake, giving them an easy supply of fresh water to drink and cool off in. They go wakeboarding. They party in a motorboat.
Although they’re supposed to be “off the grid,” the guys cook gourmet pasta for dinner, complete with avocados and tofu. It’s a meal nicer than I’ve eaten in days. Efron jokingly (I hope???) explains that such niceties aren’t in fact niceties, but are “essential” for stepping out of your “comfort zone.” These include things such as Christmas lights, which line their tent, pillows, “premium electric toothbrushes,” and fireworks, for, I don’t know, just watching things burst in the sky? They set off fireworks and flare guns while they waterski. So much for the “leave nothing but footprints” mantra. Maybe Efron was inspired by his burnout Florida Keys character in The Beach Bum?
As we watch the video, we’re left scratching our heads at how the camping trip, which resembles an outdoor days-long party complete with a flare gun fight, is meant to encourage personal growth. For those who are so inclined, Efron will be dropping new videos each week. Get off the grid, and onto Efron’s “money” wavelength.

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