Thank U, Next City: Tales From The Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour — Cleveland

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour is underway. Here, her ponytail (just go with it) diaries about the experience.
Sometimes, there is literally nothing a bitch needs more than a good cry — at least from what I've witnessed. And as Ariana Grande's ponytail, I've witnessed a lot. Just like it's taken me years to recover from the dye jobs and split ends that forced me into existence, Ariana is still reeling from her own traumas.
Last night in Cleveland, she worked through a whole bunch of them on stage. A show hasn't gone by without her tearing up during "Goodnight n Go," and Cleveland was no exception. However, Ariana also shed some tears during the Mac Miller line of "Thank U, Next," and appeared to be fighting off the waterworks during her rendition of "Needy."
By now, fans have grasped that "Goodnight n Go" has more emotional significance than originally thought, with one writing in a now-deleted tweet, "thank u for still performing this song ari even tho it’s such an emotional song for u to perform."
But the tears (or, fighting-back-of-tears) during "Needy" is what left the audience shook, with one fan writing, "she was really going thru it last night...i’m crying watching her cry."
"Thank U, Next" is the grand(e) finale of every performance, but even this feel-good bop caused some waterworks as Ariana sang the line about Miller in the first verse ("wish I could say thank you to Malcolm / 'cause he was an angel" in reference to his death last year.
Despite all this, Ariana declared Cleveland her favorite show of the tour so far.
"fave show yet," she wrote on her Instagram story. "i love u, cleveland. u were everything and more. thank u so much."
(Not to make this about me, but, like, I look good in this picture).
I have to hope for the sake of my flyaways that the tears won't be this abundant every show, but I know from experience that there's no better place for Ariana be her true, vulnerable self than with her fans — just don't ever ask her to take her hair down.

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