After RHOBH Dorit Kemsley & Lisa Vanderpump Are, Um, Not Great

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
On this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills it’s Lisa Vanderpump versus everyone. And while the Housewives of every city tend to move on from disagreements faster than most people do, don’t expect that to happen this time. When it comes to Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley’s relationship, in particular, things are probably kaput for good.
The most recent episode of RHOBH ended with Teddi Mellencamp and Lisa Vanderpump on totally different pages when it came to Lisa’s supposed manipulation of the dog adoption drama, Dorit stuck in the middle, and the rest of the ladies growing more and more suspicious of Lisa. Dorit’s husband, PK — who has also been friends with Lisa and her husband, Ken, for a long time — told Dorit that since Lisa has been going through a hard time with the loss of her brother, that Dorit should give her some “elasticity.” Dorit responded, “I have to just find a way to numb myself to the idea that [Lisa] did play a part in this.”
So, going into this week’s episode, Dorit isn’t totally turned against LVP, but just isn’t sure how they’ll get to a good place in their relationship again. But, as shown in the preview, things are going to escalate once again by the end of the episode. In the promo, Dorit is shown reading something on her phone in front of PK. He says, “Lisa must know the truth is going to come out” and Dorit replies, “You think this is Lisa?” In her interview, Dorit adds, “This is a whole other level of betrayal.”
What is a whole other level of betrayal? It’s easy to guess that this is about the dog adoption story making its way to the media before the season even started airing. As you may recall, in the trailer for the season, Kyle Richards says in a voiceover,” Someone is hellbent on getting this Dorit story out there” while images with headlines about the story are shown. It’s true that the Dorit dog story did pop on Radar Online with information from “sources” and that Lisa commented on it herself to TMZ, all months before the season started airing. (The Radar article is the story that Dorit is reading on her phone.) If Lisa is the one who leaked Dorit’s story to the press, well, yeah, that could be described as “a whole other level of betrayal.”
All of this is to say that if Dorit believes LVP leaked the story, then it’s pretty clear why they still aren’t friends now. Not only would it mean that all the women agree Lisa is responsible for outing Dorit’s dog situation on the show, but it would mean that she also got people talking about Dorit and her dog before the show even aired.
During a party for the season premiere in February, Dorit told E! News of Lisa, “We’re not talking, so our relationship is not great ... It’s been a good few months.” As for Lisa, she stopped filming with the other ladies at some point during the season and does not go on the cast trip to Europe. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in March, Lisa was uncertain about filming the RHOBH reunion and said, “It’s not for two or three months, so I have no idea how I'll feel then … But they said I wouldn't show up on the red carpet [to the premiere party], didn't they? ... But I was there, yes."
If she does go to the reunion, it could be the first time she and Dorit — and all the other women, for that matter — speak in months. If she doesn’t go, perhaps the rumors are true and her time on RHOBH will actually come to an end.

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